Local Leaders | Towards health with Dr Ray Burn:

Why are there not enough doctors? The main reason is that we are expecting more from the medical people than we got in the past.

Dr Ray Burn

Dr Ray Burn

The idea of regular medical checks is something about which we approve, but often do not act upon despite the fact that country people die younger than their city cousins.

Why is this so? Country life is healthier, but death comes earlier.

A lot of the cause is that we put off getting checks done and then if something is found that needs attention, it is often difficult to get to specialists for treatment.

In the Yass Valley, this means at least a trip to Canberra and often to Sydney, and this can become too burdensome.

Change is coming – but slowly. As more doctors move into the region, we will see an increase in preventative medicine and this will be good.

How can we get more doctors to the country?

Currently we rely on doctors trained overseas and who want the benefits of being in Australia.

We oblige these people to work in the country and this is to our great advantage.

One could be cynical and say that this is cheaper than training native-born Australians, and there is some truth in this, but nevertheless it means we get competent doctors and they are a great asset.

However, we should be training more in Australia.

Preventative medicine is the way of the future. We should treat our bodies with the same care we give to our tractors and other expensive farming equipment.