Local Leaders | NSW Nationals: Best farm practice, especially vaccine

In welcome news for sheep farmers, Wool Producers Australia and Sheep Producers Australia announced in June that OJD management would remain part of the Sheep Health Project at Animal Health Australia, but the National OJD Management Plan would not be extended. This means farmers remain in control of measures against OJD and are encouraged to use best farm practice, especially the effective vaccine. The Goulburn Nationals have asked the State Minister for Primary Industry, Niall Blair, to reduce the vaccine’s cost and for LLS to provide assistance in applying the vaccine.

Yass Valley Council has latterly expressed its view that no further industrial wind turbine developments should be planned for the LGA, and set out some pertinent considerations such as its Settlement Strategy, impact on roads and neighbours. It is unfortunate the council had not adopted this detailed position when industrial wind turbine projects were in their early stages.

As confirmed by a NSW Department of Planning speaker at the recent community forum, if the council had made its views known when projects were at application stage, the department, and the Planning Assessments Commission, would have had to have taken those views into account.

As it is, the council's views have been expressed only after applications have been approved.

Finally, it is good to see that Yass Valley Council is reviewing its weed management strategy – not before time – as rural ratepayers in particular will agree.

James Harker-Mortlock

James Harker-Mortlock