Love Food Communities grant program

The NSW government is offering funding of up to $250,000 under the Love Food Communities grant program to members of the public tackling food waste.

Churches, schools, sporting clubs and businesses in NSW that want to reduce food waste can now work with local council to get grant support.

Grants of $250,000 to tackle food waste. Picture: Patricia Valerio

Grants of $250,000 to tackle food waste. Picture: Patricia Valerio

Every year, around a million tonnes of food waste ends up in landfill in NSW, according to State Member for Goulburn Pru Goward, who launched the initiative.

“It is a win for the environment and our communities. Wasting food wastes money for individuals, families and businesses and also wastes the considerable energy, water and other resources used to produce food,” Ms Goward said.

According to EPA, NSW households are among the biggest contributors of food waste in Australia.

Yass Community Foodcare is an example of an initiative that gives back unwanted food to those in need. Yass Vine Church established Foodcare in 2015 to get affordable groceries to locals.

In the hope to expand initiatives like Foodcare, the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has launched the grants, forming part of the Love Food Hate Waste program under its Waste Less, Recycle More initiative.

According to EPA, NSW households are among the biggest contributors of food waste in Australia, throwing away more than $10 billion worth of edible food each year. For the average household in Yass, that’s approximately $73 per week or $3,805 over a year.

Here are a few handy tricks from the EPA on how to save waste at home:

  • Plan your meals: Planning meals helps stop you overbuying and overcooking. Also, check at home for existing ingredients.
  • Shop with a list: It’s easy to overbuy, so shop with a list and stick to what you need.
  • Make the perfect portion: Cooking to what you will eat helps to save money and the environment. Follow the portion sizes in a recipe or measure to your needs.
  • Keep your food fresh: Make your food last longer by storing it correctly by using the right container, cover and fridge or freezer.

Love Food Communities grants expressions of interest close on November 19.