Bowning Public expands playground

Bowning Public School students and teachers stand in front of their new fence.
Bowning Public School students and teachers stand in front of their new fence.

A new fence around Bowning Public School’s playground means more room for its 23 students to kick a ball, run and ride bikes on breaks.

Bowning Public was recently donated $10,000 from the Coppabella Wind Farm to install a new fence after the old one was taken down, due to its tired state.

“Students are now able to access the full expanse of the generous playing fields,” said Principal Emily Jones.

The Tribune asked students why they’re excited to use the extra space.

“We can run around and have lots of fun,” said Bonnie, from Year 1.

“We can take our games all the way down to the fence and we don’t have to worry about our ball going on the road anymore,” said Emmily, from Year 6.

Year 3 student Louis said, “We can ride the bikes. It’s much bigger than the one before.” While Jasmin, from Year 4 said, “We can play cricket.”

The bigger space could also welcome new students during its upcoming open day.

Bowning Public’s open day is on Sunday, November 18, from 10am-1pm. There will be a jumping castle, face painting, kids activities, a historical photo and document display and school tours.

“To support families who live in Yass, we have a daily school bus service which picks up and drops off in town,” Miss Jones said.

The school has also received over $200,000 from the state government’s ‘Cooler Classrooms Program’ to have automated cooling systems, powered by solar panels, in all learning spaces.

The ‘Connecting Country Schools’ project has also made sure the regional school has access to the same quality of internet as city schools.