Commander's Desk | How can you prevent rural break ins?

In the month of October, the Hume Police District has encountered a slight increase in break and enter matters occurring across the rural sectors of the command. These areas are usually quite remote and isolated, so they provide the perfect environment for break-in and theft matters. 

The Hume Police District

The Hume Police District

Whilst the environment is good for these types of offences, unfortunately this is also aided by lesser security measures being practiced by owners due to the remoteness.

Today I would like to discuss some of the security and safeguards that can help reduce these incidents and offences.

The first is property security. Ensure when you are away from the property or working in remote areas of the property that houses, sheds and vehicles are secured. Similarly, not leaving keys in vehicles just adds another layer of security that may deter someone from stealing the vehicle. In some circumstances if it wasn’t for this ease of access the crime wouldn’t occur.

Home owners could consider having security measures in place, such as closed circuit television cameras or back to base alarms, that activate and notify you or a security company should someone approach or attempt to break into your property. 

One of the most crucial tips for preventing crime is: if you see something report it. This is particularly important for you in your local areas because you know what is normal and if something is out of place. The police operate best when we get good and timely information from the local communities, so nothing is too small to report and in doing so might put that piece of the puzzle together to help solve a bigger issue.