Five steps to make a foraged Christmas wreath

Creating your own Christmas wreath is easier than you may think, especially by following these five simple steps put together by Yass florist Melinda Sheffield.

There is plenty of foliage and flowers around the garden and outside, such as seed pods, pine cones and feathers that can be used to make the perfect door decoration, Mrs Sheffield of Melinda Flowers said.

“Grapevine or willow wreath bases can easily be sourced at craft stores or online,” she said. “If you feel confident in making your own wreath base, then this can be done by using flexible branches such as willow, grapevine or olive.”

How to make a foraged Christmas wreath:

What you’ll need: Scissors, a wreath base, pliable wire, foliage, flowers and ribbon.

Step one: Remove the lower leaves from the stems of the longer pieces of foliage and flowers.

Step two: Thread the stems through the bottom of the wreath base.

Tip: Place the foliage and flowers on the wreath base to work out the desired design before attaching them.

Step three: Secure the stems to the wreath base with the pliable wire. Continue this step with smaller groups of foliage.

Tip: Group smaller foliage and florals together with a wire before attaching them to the base. 

Step four: Once you are satisfied with the design, attach the final flowers and ribbon.

Step five: Attach a loop to the top of the base with the ribbon or wire to hang the finished wreath.