Yass Netball reflects on 2018 in approach to AGM

As the Yass Netball Association (YNA) approaches its 2019 AGM, which is set for Monday February 4 from 6.00pm at the Yass Soldiers Club, president Sue Jephcott took the time to look back over what has been a momentous year for the club. 

Netball success: The goal for the Yass Netball Association is to host its own carnival one day. Photo: YNA.

Netball success: The goal for the Yass Netball Association is to host its own carnival one day. Photo: YNA.

2018 started with a host of changes to the committee, one of which was Jephcott’s ascension to the post of president, and in her first year, YNA has surged forward. 

“Being an incoming president always has its challenges, it’s not a role that I’ve done before,” Jephcott said. 

“But I got great personal satisfaction out of what we’ve been able to achieve this year.”

In 2018, the club managed to relay the bottom four courts at Joe O’Connor Park (courtesy of a grant from the Stronger Country Communities Fund), purchase and install a defibrillator (courtesy of a grant from the NSW Office of Sport) and purchase and install a PA system (courtesy of a grant from the NSW Office of Sport). 

“Our first year, it’s been successful as far as I’m concerned,” Jephcott said. 

“These are just stepping stones which form part of where we want to be in the next three to five years. We want to lay the foundations so that Yass netball can continue to grow in Yass. 

“Part of that is making sure that our players and participants have an area that is current and up-to-date and well managed and well looked after.

“That’s our aim, to move with the times and make sure that things are upgraded as needed so we can keep Yass netball going.” 

The stepping stones mentioned by Jephcott lead to the club’s ultimate goal, which is to be able to host a carnival in Yass within the next three to five years. 

“All form the basis of possibly holding carnivals in Yass,” Jephcott said. 

“At the moment, we don’t hold our own carnivals, we don’t have other clubs coming to us for a competition, yet we go to five or six carnivals a year.” 

Considering the progress that the club has made in the last twelve months, it would take a foolhardy punter to bet against it holding a carnival by 2024. 

As far as 2019 is concerned, Jephcott and the committee are in the process of planning out the season, and she hinted that there are exciting ideas in the pipeline which may eventuate. 

Also on the calendar is a Past Players Reunion which is being organised by the YNA. Set for March 9, it will see a host of former players flock to Yass to remember their playing days and support the association. 

Tickets are $50 per person, and can be purchased from Full Circle Serenity at 126 Comur Street, Yass. For more information, contact Jen Douglas on 0434 410 338 or Marnie Pack on 0407 297 165.