Yass Valley Dental


Smile: Yass Valley Dental look after patients in two locations, one in Yass, and the other in Murrumbateman.

Smile: Yass Valley Dental look after patients in two locations, one in Yass, and the other in Murrumbateman.

“The practice has been providing dental care for the Yass community since 1903”, says practice manager Billie-Alice.

They currently have two sites in the region. One of them is in Yass, and the other is in Murrumbateman.

“Yass Valley has a great community. We enjoy making out patients feel confident about their smiles, and relieving pain,” Billie-Alice adds reassuringly.

They also give back in helpful ways. “We support local fundraising events, local sports teams including Yass FC senior mens, and Wendy our hygienist does home visits at the local nursing homes.”

Across the two sites, Yass Valley Dental has two dentists, five dental assistants, two dental hygienists, one oral health therapist, three front office co-coordinators, and, as mentioned already, a practice manager.

In terms of teamwork and pride in their service, Billie Alice says “We are like a family – we will go the extra mile for the perfect smile. 

“We really care about our patients, and getting the best outcomes for them” Billie-Alice adds.

The practice covers a lot of services too.

Primarily they offer teeth whitening, dental implants, dentures, crowns and bridges, dental hygiene, gum treatment, root canals, mouthguards, and orthodontics.

As you can tell from that list, dental services go beyond the conventional functionality of the teeth and hygiene of the mouth, and into the cosmetic services that give you a more confident smile.

As such, Billie-Alice says current trends in their field appear to be those cosmetic dental services such as braces and teeth whitening.

Braces can also be far less invasive then they once were. Have a browse of their website and read about the Invisalign option for instance.

More than cosmetic though, your dental care is important “for overall health. The mouth can cause lots of nasty health issues if not maintained.”

Yass Valley Dental has two sites to choose from. They are at 77 Lead Street Yass and 15 Hercules Street Murrumbateman.

You can read more at www.yassvalleydental.com.au or call 02 6226 1015.