Commander's Desk | The Hume District: Be prepared for unexpected delays

Over the past few days we have unfortunately seen a number of serious crashes on our roads, with parts of the Hume Highway being closed for long periods of time.

While these roads have been closed on this occasion due to vehicle crashes, we have also seen roads closed for other things such as fires and floods.  

These types of unforeseen events can result in you and your family being stuck in traffic for long periods of time.  

This can be very frustrating and stressful, especially when you have children in the car.  

One piece of advice I would encourage you to consider is to ‘be prepared’.  

If you are travelling long distances, especially when it is over an hour or two, please consider taking a supply of water and snacks.  

What these crashes have highlighted is the need to have something in your car that can make your traffic delay a little more stress free.  

Police received a large amount of phone calls yesterday from motorists who were stuck in the traffic requesting food and water.  

While we did work closely with other agencies to provide bottled water to many motorists, it’s not the same as having your own little supply of water and snacks to get through this period of time.  

Being prepared also means leaving home with plenty of time to get to your destination. Many of us calculate how long a trip will take and will only allow that exact amount of time to get to the destination.

When something interrupts the trip, you can get very frustrated and on occasions angry. Things happen, and things happen when we least expected it or want.

Most of us have smart phones, so consider downloading the Live Traffic NSW app on your phone so you can see if there are any delays on your planned trip. You will also get some information you crave about why you may be stuck in traffic.

Now ask yourself, how prepared am I if I get delayed for a long period in my car?

Taking a few simple precautions before you leave home, will make your life a little more comfortable and easier.