Editorial: What are they 'gunna' promise next?

Growing up, there was a term that would float around my parents' group of friends: 'gunna'. 

Everyone seemed to be nicknamed 'gunna' if they suggested they were 'gunna' do something. 

I think it is an appropriate term for many politicians and would-be politicians.

They're all 'gunna' do this or that if elected. The question is why hasn't it already been done? 

It is less than a month until the next state election.

One of the many candidates for this region reminded me recently, just in case I couldn't guess from the endless candidate press releases popping up in my email for several months now.

One candidate makes a pledge for more money for something and then several other candidates offer similar, although slightly adjusted promises.

There's generally a point of difference so we don't forget who promised what.

One candidate pledged to eliminate the backlog of maintenance in schools while another promised free skills education in TAFE if their government gained power. 

And of course there are the standard health promises. More nurses, doctors and generally better services is the cry from both key political parties, Liberal and Labor.

What about the rail service? 

Timetables and accessibility have long been a problem, and also a pawn at election time, but nothing much has changed.

Of course there are several other candidates, making promises, but who are we kidding here? We are going to be left with one of two parties in power at the top.


Seriously, don't promise what you are 'gunna' do, just do it. Actions speak louder than words.


However, there is always the chance that the representative in our own electorate could be different to either key party.

That may not be a bad thing. At least they would have more chance of voting with their conscience, rather than having to take a party stand.

The party in power may even show a little extra generosity to our electorate of Goulburn in the hope of winning voting favour.

Seriously, don't promise what you are 'gunna' do, just do it. Actions speak louder than words. - Jackie Meyers