Kaveneys Road batching plant to triple its load

Production volumes could triple at the Boral concrete batching plant on Kaveneys Road, Jeir.

Production volumes at the plant could increase to 125,000 tonnes per year.

Production volumes at the plant could increase to 125,000 tonnes per year.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) recently approved an increase to the plant's maximum production, from 37,500 tonnes to 125,000 tonnes per year, and Yass Valley Council agreed to support the decision at its February 27 ordinary meeting.

The existing 37,500 tonnes supplies the local market and the increase will support new housing and infrastructure necessary to assist the Yass Valley's growing population, Boral said in its application.

Some Kaveneys Road residents say they were concerned about noise impacts, but the EPA gave consent without a noise impact assessment, making it difficult for the local government to enforce noise testing, the council’s director of planning, Chris Berry, said.

The EPA has, however, recommended noise limits to protect nearby residents and that an acoustic report be carried out after three months. 

Mr Berry said the EPA would also be responsible for any future noise complaints and that it was unlikely the plant would reach its maximum production straight away; "They won't do it unless they have orders to fill."

Residents have also raised concerns about heavy vehicles travelling at high speed to the plant, located about 700 metres from the Barton Highway and Kaveneys Rd intersection.

The plant's approved hours of operation (6.30am-8pm weekdays, 6.30am-4pm Saturdays) will not change; however, vehicles to the plant, including agitators, cement tankers and sand trucks, are expected to increase from six to 18 per day, on average.

Boral has suggested that the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) reduces the speed limit along the 700-metre stretch, from 100km/h to 80km/h.