Learning for the future at Bowning Public School

The students at Bowning Public School are fast becoming the computer programmers of the future.

They have spent this term immersing themselves in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, known as STEM.

Students and teachers have learnt a great deal about the process of design, testing and retesting to create robots that are able to be programmed.

This initiative is all part of the NSW Department of Education's STEMShare program. It enables schools to loan resources to teach students a wide range of skills that will be vital for the future.

Bowning students experimented with a variety of coding techniques, programmed Ozobots to follow a designated path and even built robots using Lego and EV3 technology. This highly engaging teaching and learning has not only helped the students understand the processes involved in designing and building robots, but it has also created opportunities for students to build their skills in team work, problem solving and collaboration.

Students across the school look forward to their STEM lessons each week. Learning in this manner has enabled students to shine in ways they didn't know they could.

To continue the utilisation of this program and the resources available, the school plans on accessing virtual reality technology to enhance the teaching and learning of history and geography.

Virtual reality allows students to travel to places all over the world, explore significant landmarks and feel like they are really there.

Bowning is a small school creating big opportunities.