Junior Magpies continue to improve

Under 6 Black

On Sunday April 14 9:45am, it was Under 6 Blacks' first home game for the season and it definitely didn't disappoint. With sun shining and excitement in the atmosphere, the young Magpies were eager for another win.

Winners: The Yass Magpies Under 14 side claimed a strong win, 16-6 over West Belconnen Blue. Photo: Supplied.

Winners: The Yass Magpies Under 14 side claimed a strong win, 16-6 over West Belconnen Blue. Photo: Supplied.

Toby Waters began with a striking kick into the biggest opposition, an opponent he later took on in defence.

What he lacks in size he certainly makes up for in heart. With arms crossed to dare his opposition and persistent tackle after tackle in defence, the tenacious Toby had the time of his life helping his team to the win.

Beau Jones was out to show everyone just how to play footy. With 2 tries on the board, predator-like defence stalking the opposition and fearless tackles around the legs right from the start, he was an obvious candidate for player of the day.

Cruz Dunley was alert and sharp from the get go. This mighty Magpie was out to show his team members how to get those points on the board, taking the first run up all the way to the try line. But it didn't stop there, with this speed demon confidently crossing the try line a second time planting the ball with one hand, like a true professional.

Jett Waters was champing at the bit to show everyone the skills he has learned. With his eye keen on the prize, this forward thinking Magpie threw a swift pass to his teammate Beau, ending in an assisted try.

No matter how many times this fearless Magpie gets knocked down, his determination for his team keeps him coming back for more.

Sophie Donoghue was not to be sold short but instead shone like the diamond in the rough that she is. After taking the tap, this little beauty was off, with determination and persistence and a full length run of the field, she left the boys behind to cross the line; bringing that team spirit we love, high-fiving her teammates.

Jayce Robinson was eager and ready to show the defence what the Magpies are all about. With some powerful runs under his belt, a try to his name and a newfound confidence with the ball, this future star couldn't even be slowed by a foot to the belly.

Jackson Crisp worked hard to make the metres count. With the try line in his sight, he was a force to be reckoned with, crossing the dotted line twice for his winning team. He put in some great teamwork, supporting his teammate's tackles and proving the mighty Magpies' winning streak.

Lachlan Kesby was undoubtedly hungry for the win. He got up and into the action, preventing the other team from gaining any metres with a cracking first tackle. With his powerhouse defence and knowledge of the game, Lachy forced the opposition back into their own try area, outsmarting the opposition once again.

Luca, the newest member to the team, worked hard to learn the law of the field. It was clear to see his confidence grow as the game progressed, with this little dynamite proving his size was not going to hold him back. Welcome to the mighty Magpies Luca!

It was another tick in the winning box for this triumphant team with 11 tries. The opposition was no match, with stacks on tackles and incredible teamwork for a team that has only been together for two weeks.

Under 6 White

The U6 Whites had their first home game and took on the South Tuggeranong Blues with a strong sideline cheer squad helping them to their first win.

Lakyn, Matthew and Darcy all crossed the line with a strong attacking line up by Billy and Jaxon.

Logan was strong in defence, getting among almost every tackle which saw him awarded Player of the Week.

Eddy was the team's little pocket rocket this week and was awarded the teams Encouragement Award. After a little hesitation during last week's game, he gained so much confidence this week with some amazing runs.

Under 6 Grey

The Yass Magpies Under 6 Grey team had their first home game against a bigger and stronger Gungahlin side.

Our boys showed improvement in their game and played with enthusiasm and good sportsmanship.

Fletcher led the way showing great sidestepping ability and speed. Max once again made metres with some hard running down the middle and was rewarded with a try for his efforts.

Sam and William showed great improvement from our first game with some great hit ups and strong tackles.

Our Man of the Match from week one, Jacob, continued to show the boys how it's done with some hard tackling and fast feet leading to a great try.

Nathaniel played with confidence and involved himself in the game to be this week's Encouragement Award winner.

The Coach's Player of the Week went to our pocket rocket Harry who was a tackling machine with the highest tackle count for the game.

Overall, the boys played well against tough opposition and it was a joy to watch them gain confidence as their skills and knowledge of the game grow each week. Well done boys!

Under 7 Black

The U7 boys arrived at the first home game of 2019 pumped up for their favourite day of the week, footy!

Today's opposition was the Belconnen Sharks U7 Black.

Our self-appointed team captain, Billy Buser, started the match with a monster kick to the Sharks and was quick to prove he meant business. His speed, hulk-like tackles and persistent defence left the Sharks with no room to move.

And while driving the ball forward, he spotted a gap and smashed the ball across the try line.

Zane Goode brought fierce determination to the match and never lost focus of his goal, to score tries. Like Dash from the Incredibles, Zane locked his eye on the chalk and whizzed up the wing to score three times for his team.

Todd Sunnucks got a taste for footy last week and turned up hungry for tackles. Todd was consistently quick off the line and relentless in chasing down the Sharks, swinging off their waists til they dropped. In the last quarter he found the confidence and gap to score his first try.

Trae Douven, our little tackle machine, had the dial turned up full boar this weekend and was ferocious in defence, dropping the Sharks like flies.

When running the ball he was light on his feet and easily added to the scoreboard with a full length hit up and magical try.

The strategy man, Harry Hodge, had all the moves, assessing the play and then making a run for it, even giving the 'show n go' a spin. Harry tackled hard and notched up an impressive three tries.

Logan Gray, courageous as a bear, proved pretty quickly that the Sharks shouldn't let his size fool them.

Logan was up the ranks in the tackle count and when he got handed the ball, hit the accelerator to make massive metres and once crossed the line to put his own points on the board.

Ashton Curtis took some tough hit ups, resembling a young Brad Fitler with his right foot step to score a marvellous try for his team. Ashton was quick off the line and contributed to lots of covering tackles.

Tai Olah was a force to be reckoned with and his energy levels were consistently at their peak, taking down any Shark that dared run at heim. His sneaky quick steps and ability to outsmart the opposition, saw him slam the ball down twice.

Harry Donoghue, making his debut following illness, took a minute to brush the dust off but when he did, the Sharks had to pay attention. Harry made some tough metres and drove the ball forward with everything he had.

This little team are starting to gel together nicely and under Kai's leadership are producing some pretty special football. Enjoy the break and the Easter eggs boys, you all deserve it.

Tries: Zane 3, Harry H 3, Tai 2, Billy 1, Ashton 1, Trae 1, Logan 1, Todd 1

Player of the Week: Todd Sunnucks

Under 7 White

The first home game of the season saw our Under 7 White Magpies take on the Belconnen Sharks White in a game that came down to the wire.

The team improved immensely from their first game of the season, putting in a great defensive effort and running in an impressive 10 tries.

In his second game for the Magpies, Dean Bunt was scintillating scoring three brilliant long range tries that showed he has the making of a superstar.

Elias Stephenson, Troy Davis and Jordan Mackay had many strong carries in attack, helping the team out of their danger end.

This laid the platform for Mark Davis, Reese Flynn and Travis Mann, who were able to capitalise and produce some great long range runs. One of these runs resulted in a well-earned try to Travis Mann.

Henry Gooley was again solid, showing his attacking flair and fancy footwork. He also worked extremely hard in defence, making some bone crunching tackles.

The team worked extremely well together, with everyone contributing in both attack and defence.

We are also so proud of how well the team played on the weekend and are really looking forward to our next game.

Player of the Match: Dean Bunt

Achievement Award: Reese Flynn,

Encouragement Award: Mark Davis

Tries: Henry Gooley - 6, Dean Bunt - 3, Travis Mann - 1

Under 8 Black

The Under 8 Black took on the very strong Gungahlin Bulls in the our first home game of the year. Although the Magpies didn't get the win they still played very well.

The big improver was Dusk Ebert, with strong runs with the ball and always making the effort to help in most tackles.

Brax Apps collected the other award for the day for showing a lot of guts to get on the field and getting involved with a couple of good hit ups in his first game of rugby league ever.

Jed Newman, Harry "Hollywood" Waters and Charlie Jamieson had their usual busy games.

Under 8 White

The Under 8 White took on Gungahlin Bulls White for their first home game on Sunday. After a shaky start the team found their feet displaying some good footy skills.

Defence was tough with the opposition producing some great runs to come away with consistent tries. Noah and Flynn were awesome in defence and Megan showed some great tackling skills in her first game.

Lucas produced some hard runs and Koby came away with a try and conversion. Beau scored a double, converting his first and Flynn converting the second, both showing some great kicking skills.

Players of the Match went to Charlie who had some outstanding runs and also produced some good tackling skills and Max who had a stellar first game of rugby league with hard and fast runs and amazing tackling.

Hopefully with continued improvement we can come away with a win next game, well done U8 whites!

Under 9 Black

Well round two shaped up just as well as the first.

The U9 Black side took on the Gungahlin Bulls in a great matchup. Our boys coming up in front 26-18. Kobe Walsh-Devoe was our Player of the Day, leading the way with three tries and amazing defence from marker.

Carter Goode had his first game of the season showing great ball control and great strong runs straight up the middle.

Our defence on the day was outstanding with Ryan Witham showing us how it's done, tackling the biggest man on the field and supporting his team mates in both defence and attack.

Chase Collins was quick in the play the ball as dummy half, a position new to the U9s.

Cooper Barton gained lots of ground with his strong runs, as did Xander Vea. Finn Wiid got some precise quick balls away at first receiver and Dylan Puckett crossed for two tries.

The dynamic duo, Ferdie Bell and Tahlen Bell once again tackled well and also proved a challenge for the defence to take down. Oliver Hodge has taken to the game like a duck to water.

Brock Morgan made lots of ground with his strong hit ups, not afraid to run at a wall of bulls defence. What a super exciting kick off to the season to go two from two.

Well done boys and coaches.

Under 9 White

Yass really turned on the weather for the second round of the season and a large crowd turning out to watch the Yass U9 White team take on Gungahlin Bulls White.

Gungahlin come out of the blocks, scoring three quick tries, the Yass team seemed to begin to click after the early tries with spirited defence by all of the Yass players limiting the Gungahlin team to the three tries for the quarter.

The second quarter started off well with a great catch off the kick-off by Caelan Cassidy. Yass showed good team passing and support and were unlucky not to get over the line.

The quarter was an arm wrestle with Yass showing they had turned up to play footy and more than matched it with the opposition.

The fruit and water at half time seems to have spurred the team onto a great defensive effort in the third quarter led by Mia Buser, Millie Dunn and Jake Wullaert.

Off the back of the excellent defence Yass were able to score two great individual tries, one by Darcy Gooley and the other by Seth Olah, both of which were converted by the try scorer. This saw Yass out-score the visitors for the quarter.

The effort continued for the final quarter with another great catch on the run from the kick-off by Caelan Cassidy seeing the team on the front foot early.

Great running from first receiver Bryson Flynn, and consistent go forward by Khison Waters and Flynn Wullaert helped the team stay in the battle.

The teams defence also stepped up a gear with Jake Ryan leading by example having a solid effort in his first hit-out for the team, both teams seeming to welcome the final whistle in the warm sunny conditions. The team awards for the day were:

Player of the Day - Seth Olah

Defender of the Day - Mia Buser

Attacker of the Day - Caelan Cassidy

Under 10s

The Under 10s produced a nail biting finish to their game against the Gungahlin Bulls Black team, claiming their first full two points for the year.

These two teams are always fairly evenly matched and today did not disappoint.

The team looked a little sluggish after sitting around half the day waiting for their game, but George Foran lifted the mood when he was first to cross the line for Yass with some strong, consistent runs.

Jack Jamieson who tackled anything that moved on the day topping the tackle count with two times as many tackles than anyone else on the team, fairly and squarely nailed the conversion and the Player of the Day award.

Next in line in the tackle count were Declan Cooke and William Hall who came from nowhere on a number of occasions and made some of the best tackles we have ever seen him make. It's really rewarding to see players grow in confidence like this.

While we had some great defence, and in particular a block attempt from Neve Luckie which had the boys on the bench claiming "Oh my god Neve's a legend", the Bulls put the ball across the line three times on the wing to bring the score to 18 - 6 at half time.

Sutherland Holliday and Jimmy Regan after having the first half off were keen to make their mark on the game.

Strong hit ups from Sutherland saw him force his way through the defence and carry the ball across the line. Declan Cooke got the ball over the black dot to make it 18 - 12.

Jimmy was next across the line in his usual zippy style, ducking and weaving through the defence. An unusual unsuccessful conversion attempt from Sutherland brought the score to 18 - 16.

Logan Collins, Liam Beeten and Lewis Jones all made some great runs and some awesome tackles.

Alex Bell was a powerhouse with some great ground making runs, and Brock Lenon got into the play this week and made some really great runs and tackles.

The newer players on the team held their ground well and showed more confidence again this week.

Jamie Walker backed up his debut strong defence performance with some strong runs and tackles.

Angus Rosewarne and Declan Gourlay also made a couple of great runs and got into some defensive plays as well.

Kaylee Douven in her rugby league debut did not disappoint with a couple of really great runs. With a little more confidence she'll be hard to stop.

With the clock ticking down very close to the full time buzzer, Sutherland gave it his all in the last set of six and made a strong b-line to the white line.

He got brought down just short of the line where the zippy little Jimmy claimed the victory with a quick dart from the dummy, forcing his way across the line low under the defence. Logan was successful with the conversion to bring the final score to 22 - 18.

A well-earned win from our team. Proud of you all as always.

Under 11 Black

Round two saw the Under 11 Black team at home against West Belconnen in a rematch of last year's semi-final.

Running on through a tunnel formed by the Under 11 White team, captain Will Mihaljevic led the boys onto the field in front of a massive home crowd.

The team were lucky to have Declan Prsa of the under 11 White Magpies team sitting on the bench to help them out in the game and he didn't disappoint, putting in solid stints when he got on field.

The first half saw Cody Diamond at first receiver and Max Buser at dummy half.

The team started out strong in attack and defence with a great tackle by Mitchell Blundell to take a Westie's player over the side line.

This tackle set the tone for the many great tackles by the boys throughout the game.

Leading by example in both attack and defence, Drayden Sattler had another great game and it was only two minutes into the game when he crossed the line for the first try of the match and with a conversion by one of our top kickers, Hugh Merriman, the Magpies had an early lead 6-0.

Shortly after the try, there was a knock-on by West Belconnen which saw the Magpies with the ball again. James Martens had another solid game putting in some great runs dragging the defence down with him.

After getting some good field position, the Magpies put in a kick downfield which was picked up by West Belconnen and resulted in a length of the field try to the opposition, taking the score to 6-6 after the conversion.

Throughout the game the boys did some amazing tackles taking on a big West Belconnen line up with notable tackles coming from Jett, Lachie, Drayden, Max, Ryan, Mitchell and Hugh.

Fourteen minutes into the first half, saw West Belconnen cross the line and convert the try to take the lead 12-6 going into half-time.

The second half saw the Magpies fighting back with Mitchell Blundell back at first receiver and Ryan Ings at dummy half.

Will Mihaljevic was everywhere during the game, leading the boys across the park, tackling hard and it was only a few minutes into the second half when he was able to get the Magpies their second try for the day with Max Buser converting to take the score to 12-12.

Jett McGrath had another great game with some of his stand out runs and wasn't afraid to take on the big West Belconnen pack. Likewise, Ryan Ings had a strong game in both attack and defence and read the play really well all game.

Six minutes into the second half West Belconnen crossed the line taking the score to 18-12.

Cooper Hodges had some good runs and tackles throughout the game and is looking good in the black and white.

Cody Diamond was back in form and together with Drayden, Jett and Mitchell made some good tackles to keep the pressure on West Belconnen early in the second healf.

With seven minutes to go, West Belconnen crossed the line but didn't convert the try, taking the score to 22-12.

The pressure was then on the Magpies to pull back the lead and the team did well in defence with Max Buser leading the way, taking on one of the West Belconnen players front on with a massive hit that made the crowd go wild.

Lachie had an outstanding length of the field run to get the Magpies into good field position.

With two minutes to go, it was Ryan Ings who read the play to get an intercept enabling him to cross the line taking the score to 22-16.

Cooper Hodges then converted the try, taking the final score to 22-18 in favour of West Belconnen at the end of the game.

The boys made few errors throughout the game and bounced back when they did make a mistake by supporting each other.

Congratulations to all the boys for another fantastic game.

Tries: Drayden, Will and Ryan

Goals: Cooper and Max

Player of the Week: Ryan Ings

Tackle of the Week: The boys did some remarkable tackles this week, making it hard to pick just one but because of the courage he showed taking on the West Belconnen front rower, the Tackle of the Week Award goes to Max Buser.

Under 11 White

It was our first home game this week as the Under 11's White took on the Belconnen Sharks on Sunday morning.

Having got the first hit out of the season out of the way last week, the Magpies were visibly more settled and really pulled together as a team.

Bodhi Richardson took the first hit up with a strong run forward - the first of many as he showed no fear ploughing into the defence.

The Magpies were in early as Anton Reid got us some points on the board with a classy try, which he then converted to make it 6-0.

Jack Ryan showed his trademark quick stepping which was followed by Logan Waters and Oliver Hughes making some good metres up the centre.

It was a game of outstanding defence from the Magpies, with some big tackles and plenty of commitment to bring the opposition down - including a big hit from Riley Napier-Smith which had the spectators wincing.

After a long holdout and some great tackling by the Magpies, the Sharks eventually broke through with a try, which they converted for 6-6.

The Magpies answered back quickly off the restart with lots of territory earned by a big run from Denver Field. Abbie Walls almost found the try line and then Sam Hewitt put on some great footwork and grounded the ball. 10-6 to the Magpies.

There were some great low tackles following the tap, but after the Magpies were found to be offside the Sharks were in again for 10-10.

Highlights in the next phase of play were a great zippy run by Jed Glover and a bruising run with Oliver using his strength and momentum to push forward through the defenders.

After a high tackle by the Sharks, the Magpies were in again with Jesse Richards darting over. The try was converted by Abbie and the Magpies were up again, 16-10.

After some more great teamwork in defence, the Sharks kicked and the ball was scooped up and run forward by Rachael Widdows.

The Magpies got to the other end and Jed showed off his amazing pace and change of direction, grounding it for another try just before half time to bring the score to 20-10.

Jack started things off in the second half by delivering a terrific tackle straight up. Deklin Prsa pulled off a great try saving tackle, pushing back a much bigger player.

Jack stepped his way to solid gains in territory, setting Jed flying down the sideline where he was just brought down before the try line.

Following some big defence (including a definite try saver by Denver) one of the bigger Sharks charged their way through for 20-14.

Undaunted, the Magpies came back with a big run from Oliver, almost to the try line, followed by Jack crossing the line confidently for another try. Denver kicked the goal and we were up 26-16.

Despite some cracking tackles by Abbie, the Sharks scored a try out wide for 26-20.

There were some quality nippy runs from the tap, then Sam swung out to the left wing and scored easily. A big kick by Anton sailed over and we had a good lead at 32-20.

Following some more top tackling, including a great leg tackle by Rachael, the Magpies regained possession.

Some secure hands by Oliver and a big run by Logan up the sideline had Denver brilliantly stepping the opposition to score: 36-20.

After a big tackle off the tap by Jack, the Magpies were again found to be offside. The Sharks kicked for good territory, and some missed tackles let them in to score.

With the end of the game approaching, Anton put in a big step and Jack went straight through to score right on the full time whistle.

After an exciting game, the Magpies' classy attack and commitment in defence got them their first win of the season.

Under 12s

Unfortunately the Under 12s got all dressed up and warmed up for the game only to find no opposition to take on for the day. A late forfeit from Crookwell saw a majority of the team have a rest for the day.

A handful of players stepping up to provide some much needed relief to an injury depleted Under 13s.

Under 13s

The U13s Magpies had a much tougher challenge in their first home game for the season, taking on the Tuggeranong Knights (Blue).

Again, the conditions were warm with a lunch time kick off and the Magpies down two of their starting players due to injuries sustained in round one.

Regardless the 13s were well supplemented by members of the Under 12s including Kylan Ebert, Oscar Sergeant, Baxter Sicily, Connor Sheppard, and Kyle Shoard.

The younger players performed to a high standard and held their own with the higher age group.

Of note Kylan Ebert displayed a slick tackling technique with an exceptional defensive game on the wing.

In a low scoring game, we saw Kyle Lennon start to stretch his legs with several solid hit ups resulting in high meters gained, several coming from an excellent line break in the first half.

This week also gave Mikel Blundell his first taste of Magpies football as a new player to the team.

Suffering a minor injury the first half he returned eager to put in a solid effort for the team and will no doubt show development as the season progresses.

Other solids performances came from Logan Blundell and Ben Martens working the centre of the field well to keep the opposition on the back foot at every opportunity.

In attack Malakai Vea was the only try scorer for the Magpies in a game where points were hard to come by.

Tony Davis for the second week in a row put in an excellent defensive display and was very controlled in his approach to this week's game securing the Man of the Match award.

The final score was eight all in a joint effort from the U12s and U13s in a club first approach to this week's match. Well done boys, enjoy the break.

Under 14s

The Under 14s were successful on the day coming out on top, 16 - 6 over West Belconnen Blue.

Under 15 Girls

The girls played their first home game for the season with a big challenge to back up after an awesome game last weekend.

The first 10 minutes of the game remained scoreless. Nakita Moran was injected into the game and lifted the intensity with some huge runs and encouragement in defence.

Bridie Walsh then opened the scoring for the girls, despite playing with her broken finger that she endured in last week's match.

Chloe Doon had a good attempt with the conversion which was taken from the sideline, missing narrowly.

This first try had a domino effect, with three more tries being scored consecutively in five minutes.

Tikirah Douglas showed some speed and footwork, scoring under the sticks and finished it off with a good conversion.

The next try came within a minute from Abbey Brill who caught the ball off the kick off and powered through the line braking multiple tackles.

Taysha Bell showed a new skill with the kicking tee when she converted the try. Sialalua Asomua scored the last try for the first half with some great footwork to finish up the half 20-0.

The second half saw the girls play their best footy yet for the season with some huge tackles from Tikirah and Erika Davis.

Kimberly Massey scored the opener for the second half when she showed some impressive footwork and some speed for a full length effort. Abbey went over for her second, with a good conversion attempt from Zahrah Bell.

The last try of the day was a second for Sialalua Asomua who finished off a great passage of passing from the girls with some good footwork to beat the full back. Lanieta Caqusau converted the try to finish the scoring at 34-0.

The skipper Taysha Bell had a ripper of a game, leading from the front in the forward pack. She was unlucky not to score a perfect try which was disallowed due to a high palm.

Notable mentions also go to Liana Hippisley-Eyles and Ellen McCrudden. Liana had an awesome game, being put into the forward pack and taking some strong runs. Ellen played great in the centre in the second half, taking multiple runs with a huge smile on her face.

The coaches were again so proud of the girls and their efforts, the sportsmanship and teamwork displayed was great to watch and keeping the opposition team to nil was just an added bonus.

All the girls played some great footy, but this week's player of the match went to Tikirah with one try, one conversion and some huge tackles.