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SERVICE PLUS: When it comes to telephone companies, 80-year-old Ballarat man Donald cares primarily about two things, an affordable plan and good old fashioned customer service. Advertiser content for Pennytel.
SERVICE PLUS: When it comes to telephone companies, 80-year-old Ballarat man Donald cares primarily about two things, an affordable plan and good old fashioned customer service. Advertiser content for Pennytel.

This is advertiser content for Pennytel.

When it comes to dealing with big companies, most of us are resigned to the fact it is going to be a hassle. In fact, most things are a hassle these days, even though automation is meant to make everything "streamlined" and "more efficient".

However, it wasn't always that way. There was a time not too long ago when the check-out at the supermarket was only manned by a polite young person and not a complicated "self-serve" machine that gives you cheek while you're trying to find the brown onions.

There was even a time when you could call up your telco and speak to an actual person instead of an automated machine with complicated menus.

Eighty-year-old Donald and 69-year-old Lindsay remember these days fondly. It's the very reason they recently made the switch to Pennytel, so that if they have a problem, they can speak to an actual person!

Lindsay has lived in Ballarat for over 40 years. He's married with two sons, semi-retired and likes to work around the house. Most days, he's kept busy caring for his younger son who is handicapped. Lindsay joined Pennytel in late 2018 and is very satisfied with the service.

Similarly, Donald lives in Ballarat Central and spent his working life on the railways in Victoria before settling in Ballarat many years ago. He is retired and enjoys fishing and spending time with his grandkids. Donald loves the footy and follows the Swans.

He still drives his own car around and often travels to see his sisters living in Shepparton and Mooroopna. Donald signed up with Pennytel in January 2019 and has been singing their praises ever since.

We caught up with the pair to find out more:

So gentlemen, how would you describe Pennytel to your family and friends?

Lindsay: Pretty simple, straightforward. I had to purchase a phone but that was OK, it kicked off alright and they were pretty helpful. Service is great here (as in reception), much like the other providers but their plans are half the price of competing services. I'm very happy - the others were giving me the run around and Pennytel didn't give me any of that.

Donald: I'd tell them it's a terrific company, better than Telstra. When you call them you're talking to a machine but with Pennytel you get a human being. That's what I like about it. I switched from Telstra to Pennytel because I had my own phone and carry it everywhere.

What do you expect from Pennytel as your mobile provider?

Lindsay: Keep it simple and keep it competitive. Their signal is clear and I am very satisfied.

Donald: I expect them to be easy to get on with and if you're not sure you just ring them up. I don't have to run around paying bills - it comes out of my bank.

What was the reason you chose Pennytel as your mobile provider?

Lindsay: The basic set up and the price. I feel more comfortable with the mobile and it's not complicated. There's no contract, just a straightforward monthly plan which is pretty reasonable compared to others. The network's been advertising a lot in the paper. I saw the ad in the local newspaper and took it from there.

Donald: I saw it in the paper and liked the prices - $5 or $10 for a month. I am just so happy about it. I was talking to my neighbour and I said "I'm gonna ring Pennytel" and I did.

What kind of experience did you have when you contacted them?

Lindsay: I had to get an independent phone but it's just been absolutely wonderful, the service is number one.

Donald: I said "I've got my own phone, I'd like to come over to you because you've got some good plans and I'd like to switch." They were very friendly and efficient. Sometimes I just ring them up to say hello! They're very good over there.

What do you like about Pennytel?

Lindsay: The service is very efficient with Pennytel - my voicemails and texts come through immediately and the reception is very good.

Donald: So friendly, really friendly. When you ring them up they don't put you on hold.

If you could sum up Pennytel in one word, sentence - what would it be?

Lindsay: They should be the number 1 because they keep going! The rates that you see are just there, easy and affordable.

Donald: Glad I'm with them - really and truly.

What would you like to see more from Pennytel?

Lindsay: No, that's about it. They can't get any better than that - just keep doing what you're doing. I'm sure they will be more successful the more people join. This one is a little bit better and cheaper than the other networks and people have to try it to see. I only need 3gb (of data). The other phone I had wasn't the same brand but this one is suitable for what the service is for. There's no complications. It's just straight forward, especially for the elderly people. I've got a good handset to go with a good service.

Donald: I think they're looking after my needs. I couldn't say there's anything else.

Why would you recommend Pennytel to other people like you?

Lindsay: Once they've got you they will keep you. I will have them all the time, I won't go with anyone else 'cause I'm happy. You think everyone else will be satisfied as well - you won't get better.

Donald: I think for oldie people like me it's one of the best companies going around. They cater for pensioners and give you a good deal. They look after me.

For more about these and other great deals, call Pennytel today on 1300 262 146.

This is advertiser content for Pennytel.

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