Yass police tackle school attendance through Fit for Life program

A program that improves school attendance and confidence among young people facing challenges at home or school will be delivered in Yass later this year.

Fit for Life is run by Police Citizens Youth Clubs NSW (PCYC) and the success of the program in Goulburn has been noticed by politicians such as Premier Gladys Berejiklian, police and emergency services minister David Elliott, and member for Goulburn Wendy Tuckerman.

Fit for Life Goulburn participants. Photo: supplied

Fit for Life Goulburn participants. Photo: supplied

Fit for Life in Goulburn has 34 participants, aged 11-16 currently, and there is a waiting list for more to join.

As a result, support has grown for an outreach program to be delivered in Yass.

Yass participants will be referred by Department of Education and Family and Community Services. The program will likely be run once a week on a Tuesday by PCYC activities officer and certificate four qualified personal trainer Dean Murray.

Participants are collected from their home early in the morning to take part in exercise alongside local police officers. They can then have a shower and breakfast.

In Goulburn, the children are driven to school with a packed lunch, which may also be the case in Yass, PCYC Goulburn club manager Mark Croker said.

There has been a "significant improvement" in children's school attendance through the Goulburn program, Mr Croker said, explaining that one male participant started with a two per cent attendance and now he goes to school every day.

"The children's confidence grows, they find a sense of belonging and get to know children from other schools," Mr Croker said.

Member for Goulburn Wendy Tuckerman said she was excited for the Fit for Life program to be implemented in Yass.

"This is more than a fitness program as it engages our youth and connects them with appropriate services and contacts," she said.

"The relationships developed amongst the participants and the organisations are often used to assist our young people facing challenges."