Removal of Coronation Park miracle slide imminent

The removal of Coronation Park's unenclosed miracle slide in Yass is imminent, but there's a silver lining.

The Skytower Lofty Castle for Coronation Park.

The Skytower Lofty Castle for Coronation Park.

Yass Valley Council is giving residents the chance to say what they would like in its place until 11.59pm on Sunday, June 2.

A website has been created to allow people to select equipment to a value of $200,000.

Each piece is displayed with an image to give web users an idea of what it would look like. The Skytower Lofty Castle, as an example, is a huge climbing frame with three spiral slides.

The existing Coronation Park miracle slide has pride of place in Yass as one of the few remaining in the state.

However, an independent audit in 2016 found the slide was non-compliant and the council has debated its removal ever since.

In February, the council said it was finally time for the slide and other playground equipment, now past its 15 year life span, to be removed and replaced.

Students at Yass High School will also on the challenge of turning the slide into a piece of art.

They're aiming to create "a reminder for Yass community of the fun times they know everyone associates with the miracle slide," Yass High School principal Linda Langton said.

"Our students already have highly developed skills in design, metal work and welding and they are excited by the challenge of creating a permanent artwork from a much-loved part of their childhood," she said.

The current playground will close from October 2019 and re-open before school holidays in December 2019.