Yass IGA owner confirms closure, gives shoppers five hours' notice

Yass IGA customers have been given five hours' notice of the shop's pending closure.

About 1pm today, owner Steve Smith posted that he had sold Yass IGA.

The shop would be closing "for a period of time" at 6pm to reopen under new ownership.

 Deli closed at Yass IGA due to lack of products.

Deli closed at Yass IGA due to lack of products.


"It is with great sadness that I announce the closure," he wrote.

"I have sold the store. The store will be closed for a period of time and will reopen under new ownership.

"New owners may potentially remodel and would like the store empty."

Mr Smith said he needed to focus on "my health and four young kids".

"I would like to thank the town for their support over the past seven years," he said.

A Yass IGA employee said they only found out today that the shop would be closing this evening.

They were unsure whether their job was secure or for how long they would be out of work.

"We won't know until we meet the new owner," the employee speculated.

An empty dairy aisle at Yass IGA.

An empty dairy aisle at Yass IGA.

The Yass Tribune asked the shop's manager, Fiona Zacher, how long employees would have to wait for answers.

She could only say, "We're just getting through today. We're all rallying together.

"At the end of the day, Steve just has to make sure he and his family are okay."

The Yass Tribune has confirmed Mr Smith also owns IGA Plus Liquor in Denman Prospect in the ACT.

An employee there said they weren't aware Mr Smith was selling the Yass shop; nor whether he would be selling the Denman Prospect shop.

The employee wouldn't comment whether the Denman Prospect shop had experienced stock issues similar to those in Yass.

Sparsely stocked shelves at Yass IGA have had the Yass community seeking answers since Easter.

The Yass Tribune visited the store on July 2 and confirmed that most shelves were bare.

Essential items such as milk and bread weren't available to purchase.

On his Facebook post earlier today, some residents wished Mr Smith well, while others raised more concerns.

Particularly, those who held IGA shop cards were unsure whether they needed to redeem the money and points before Yass shop closed at 6pm today.

The Yass Tribune put this question to IGA retail brand owner, Metcash.

The Tribune also asked Metcash when the new owner would take over the retail space; and whether it would remain an IGA.

Metcash declined to respond.

Mr Smith also offered customers a 25 percent discount off all stock at Yass IGA for today only.

The Yass Tribune has called Mr Smith for comment several times since March, but he has not responded.

In response to his Facebook post today, one resident wrote: "At least everyone knows what is going on."

Wrote another: "All the best Steve."