Local Leaders | NSW Farmers: Call for local weeds committee

The NSW Farmers Yass Branch is calling for the formation of a local weeds committee following a forum held in Yass the first week of July.

Branch chair, Carolina Merriman, said the committee should include the Yass Valley Council, Landcare, NSW Farmers, the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and Local Land Services (LLS).

Carolina Merriman, chair.

Carolina Merriman, chair.

"Weed management needs a coordinated approach with public and private land managers to be effective. Not much will be achieved if we don't work together," Ms Merriman said.

Other action items to come out of the forum include NSW Farmers lobbying for more funding for weed control and for the council to produce an information package for landholders.

Yass Valley councillors Allison Harker, Mike Reid and Kim Turner attended the forum and council staff Mark Livermore, Brett Lees and Rebecca Widows joined representatives from the South East LLS, Regional Weed Committee and DPI in a Q&A style panel.

"Local farmers got all the airtime they needed through the Q&A and got to ask plenty of questions about local weed management," Ms Merriman said.

"Yass Branch vice chair, Jim McDonald, and I have since met with our new state government member, Wendy Tuckerman, and she has pledged to provide support in developing a better local management plan for weeds like serrated tussock.

"NSW Farmers called for $50 million towards pests and weeds management, including grants to local government and more resources to the LLS, during the state election campaign. We will be following up on this at a local level; that is one of the advantages of having an active local branch."