Commander's Desk | The Hume Police District: Let's work together to make rural roads safer

Two thirds of the Australian population live in capital cities and metropolitan areas, but more than half of the road fatalities occur on rural and remote roads.

The Australian College of Road Safety reports that rural road crashes are not decreasing at the same rate as urban trends.

The characteristics of rural road crashes include higher travelling speeds (causing a greater risk of fatal or serious injury in a crash) and a high number of single vehicle crashes, especially cars leaving the roadway.

It may surprise you to know that most crashes involve local residents. Only a small number involve visitors to the area.

"Most crashes involve local residents. Only a small number involve visitors to the area."


Residents of country areas are more dependent on their cars due to greater distances and lack of public transport options, making safe driving choices even more of a priority.

You can increase your safety by driving to the road conditions rather than the speed limit, follow the road rules, take regular rest breaks, be mindful of wildlife and stock and do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The Hume Police District participate in Operation Chrome, working towards our goal of zero fatalities on rural and country roads.

Operation Chrome

Operation Chrome is a state-wide regional operation.

The operation uses police from all districts within each region, working alongside officers from the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command.

Under Operation Chrome, police target poor driving behaviours on rural roads including speeding, drink and drug-driving, not wearing seatbelts, using a mobile phone behind the wheel and fatigue.