Top rainy snaps from Sunday in the Yass Valley

Southern Tablelands residents breathed a big sigh of relief on Sunday afternoon as much-needed rain poured across the region.

Uncertainty loomed over the day after promised rain failed to show in the morning.

However, by 2pm rain started to drizzle and grew heavier and heavier by late afternoon.

At 6pm the rain was so heavy that motorists were forced to slow down and even pull over on the Barton Highway.

The highest rainfall recorded in the Yass Valley was 33 millimeters by Kara Highfield at Binalong.

Other residents recorded rainfall of:

  • 24mm - Sharon Borninkhof near Harden
  • 21mm - Patricia Woodbridge in Galong
  • 20mm - Denise Osborne in Sutton
  • 20mm - Michael Noordhuis in Bowning
  • 19mm - Lea Buckmaster in Mullion
  • 18mm - Debbie Konig in Dalton
  • 18mm - Brian O'Connor in Yass
  • 17mm - Julie Higginbotham in Wallaroo

Possible showers are predicted for Yass on Friday and Saturday by the Bureau of Meteorology. Fingers and toes crossed!

Impact on sale yards

Agents aren't holding their breath for the rain to boost buyer numbers at South Eastern Livestock Exchange (SELX) in Yass this week.

"I don't think it will make a difference," Elders agent Philip White of Yass said.

"We're very late in the season to be getting rain. We need follow-up rain before we see much change," he said.

Livestock numbers could lower at this week's sales, with some farmers holding onto see if the rain helps their pastures, but many will continue to destock, Mr White said.

Phill Butt of Butt Livestock and Property in Yass said areas such as Forbes, Cowra and Dubbo - where buyers who would normally chase lambs at SELX from - didn't get enough rain.

"There's been minimal rain in areas that would buy," he said.

"Yesterday's rain won't do much without follow-up."

Although, Agstock agent Samuel Hunter thinks there's a chance of fewer sheep and cattle at the sales.

He also said he thinks prices could rise, "but may take a couple of weeks to improve, especially for cattle."