Spider and student George Elliot set to enter the ring this month

Over the next few weeks, Yass will live out its own version of the age-old boxing story of the old dog and the young bull.

Fighting class: (from left) Joe Hewatt, George Elliot, Josh Pulley, Riley Gibbs, Nick Downey, Spider. Photo: Supplied.

Fighting class: (from left) Joe Hewatt, George Elliot, Josh Pulley, Riley Gibbs, Nick Downey, Spider. Photo: Supplied.

Except this one involves a Spider.

Yass's local boxing star is scheduled for another fight this Friday, but in unusual circumstances.

Originally, one of Spider's students was scheduled to take to the ring, but due to a mix-up with the paperwork, he was forced to withdraw.

The fight was on a charity fight night card, and Spider did not want to leave the organisers in the lurch, so he decided to put his hand up to fight.

As with most last-minute scheduling changes, there was a catch: Spider's opponent is nearly one-and-a-half times his size.

The Yass local is a smaller man, who often competes in weight classes in the mid-70 kilo range. The fighter he is replacing was roughly 110 kilos, and his opponent is 105.

Despite the size disparity, Spider is unfazed.

"I'm not particularly worried about it, I've been up to Sydney and sparred with a heap of big guys," Spider said.

"It's not daunting for me. I have the experience, which is probably the biggest thing, I usually have the speed over them too. Even though they throw big punches, they don't usually throw them very fast."

The biggest issue for Spider is how his body will hold up. He has fought roughly ten times a year in recent years, but in 2019 he has only entered the ring twice due to injuries and illness.

"I've just had two injections in the last two months, cortisone, on in the wrist and one in the elbow. The one in the wrist was two months ago and is okay, the one in the elbow was maybe two weeks ago," he said.

"Because of work, it's all uneven ground and jumping into trenches, so the knee is pretty sore at the moment. It'll be interesting to see what'll happen Friday night."

But the wily veteran has plenty of faith in his fitness and movement, and is confident he can get the job done against an opponent he expects to be slower and easier to tire.

But this fight is not the only one on his radar. The second, and arguably more meaningful fight for Spider is one which will feature another student of his, by the name of George Elliot.

Elliot will make his amateur debut in Wollongong at the first iBox fight night, against another first-time boxer, and Spider praised the 19-year-old for the progress he has made in a short time.

"He first started with me a few months back and he couldn't do 15 minutes [of training], now he's doing two hours at a time," Spider said.

"His fitness levels are outta sight. It'll be awesome to watch him do his thing after doing so many months of training."

Should Elliot be able to handle his nerves, Spider said, he has every chance of winning his first bout.

"He's super fit and first fight nerves get the better of you, so as long as he can maintain his composure he should do well," he said.

"Hopefully he stays disciplined and applies our game plan."