Local Leaders | Southern Tablelands Arts: Arts projects in the works for 2020

For the past month Southern Tablelands Arts has been arduously working on a number of grant applications for operational and project funding, including submitting our multi-year rollover funding application to Create NSW.

One of the best aspects of being situated in a co-working space is the connections we are able to make with our neighbouring organisations. The development of projects that build relationships across a variety of industries and interests helps to develop a stronger community. One example is the Habitat Corridor's project that was delivered in August and was the result of our familiarity with Landcare right here in our building.

Our big idea for National Science Week 2020 is also based on this type of relationship. Simply due to our mutual occupancy, we connected with Art Thinking and developed an exciting plan for a big-thinking project called 'Fast Forward 60 Millenina'. Without giving too much away, it is aimed at young people aged 16-25, asking them to think about our world 60,000 years into the future. Through this link, we were able to directly access specific resources, knowledge and inspiration needed to submit a complicated application to Inspiring Australia to fund this project across the region.

So while our public presence is quieter at this time of year, we are working hard behind the scenes to plan and establish our program for the coming 12 months, develop and maintain our relationships across the region and secure funding to help us deliver bigger and better projects. You can keep up to date by signing up to our weekly newsletter through our website at www.southerntablelandsarts.com.au.

Susan Conroy

Susan Conroy