Mount Carmel kindergarten students visit Yass Police Station

Mount Carmel kindergarten students were delighted to visit Yass Police Station on Tuesday, November 12.

Inspector Matthew Hinton put these budding cadets to the test by teaching them the official police salute.

It was definitely a day to remember, as kindergarten students climbed aboard the police boat and were given the opportunity to be locked in the holding docks.

Thankfully, all students were returned safely to Mount Carmel.

Principal Michael Green hopes it is the only time his students have that experience!

A highlight for many of the students was helping to lock their teachers up in handcuffs.

The kindergarten students also presented their artwork to the hardworking officers at Yass Police Station and were proud to see it on the station noticeboard on Rossi Street.

The children took home show bags from their visit but also memories that will last a lifetime, with many children saying they wanted to be a police officer when they grow up!

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