Classic Yass car show cancelled with organisers ready to 'take a bow'

Classic Yass organiser Keiran Laurent and Yass Valley mayor Rowena Abbey at the 2019 event. Photo: Hannah Sparks
Classic Yass organiser Keiran Laurent and Yass Valley mayor Rowena Abbey at the 2019 event. Photo: Hannah Sparks

The popular, annual Classic Yass car show has been cancelled for the foreseeable future with the small group of organisers saying it's ready to "take a bow".

Some members of the Yass Antique Motor Club (YAMC) committee have been involved with the event that attracts about 10,000 people to the regional town since it began 14 years ago.

Many hours of committee members' time is taken up by the event, particularly in the six-month lead-up to Classic Yass.

The committee made the decision at its monthly meeting on Monday, November 18 and announced the news on Wednesday, November 20 to give visitors who booked accommodation for 2020 time to cancel or make other arrangements.

It said it's hopeful others in the community will raise their hands to form a new committee to run the event in other years.

"Classic Yass with strong support could go much further, but alas, at this stage, it has outgrown the time and resources available from our small, but very dedicated group of volunteers who feel they need to take a breath," the committee said in a statement.

The committee also said the cancellation of the Rotary Billy Cart Derby in 2019 due to drought "had no bearing" on the decision.

"There will be many disappointed entrants in all fields including the cars, fashion, markets and community groups who have so greatly benefited from the successful influx of people to the region for Classic Yass.

"Classic Yass committee would like to sincerely thank all our local (of which there are many) and corporate sponsors, our local community groups, entertainers, fellow club members and family members for having faith - many from the beginning - in our dreams and plans for the event."

The committee grew the event from the original 'Celebration of Heritage Motoring' in 2005 to the large Classic Yass car show that it is today.

It will dissolve after one of its most successful years in 2019 with 333 cars entered and a crowd estimated to be between 8000 and 10,000.

The event also featured racing legend Jim Richards who offered free signings to fans and said he was willing to return as a special guest.

"The Classic Yass concept was originally to promote the recreational aspect of owning a heritage car and the benefits of becoming a member of the Yass Antique Motor Club," the committee said.

"It has achieved this goal incredibly well with the starting up of at least four new car clubs in and around the Yass Valley area and the membership of the YAMC alone having quadrupled since the first event in 2005."

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