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Water for dust not OK

The use of potable water for dust suppression at Bango Wind Farm is unacceptable. It seems incompetent business and resource management practice by Yass Valley Council not to know exactly how much water is being taken.

Presumably there is a contract specifying the amount to be taken and over what period (is that limited or ongoing?) as well as a price structure which accounts for such things as opportunity cost and balancing competing need by Yass Valley residents.

Indeed I hope there is a contract and that it has limitation of supply clauses included. Yass Valley Council needs to provide a full account of the impacts of the decision to sell potable water for this purpose.

It also needs to account for a decision to charge the same rate to this enterprise as to a Yass Valley ratepayer. If the council's fees and charges schedule does not differentiate, then the schedule needs to be rewritten.

Diana Williams, Yass

Getting the same deal?

Very concerned to read this account. I know that the residents of Yass have been very worried about the standard of water that they are receiving in their homes.

I have a question: is the wind farm getting the same deal as the town? Maybe a swap could be organised: Yass town gets good water and the wind farm gets the sub-standard fluid.

Beryl Pittman, Blaxland

Certified Barton baby

I am fully in support of Yass Hospital having a maternity service.

Our daughter gave birth to our grandson on the Barton Highway and has the unusual distinction of having this address on his birth certificate as his place of birth and in being a Barton Highway Baby.

He was born in the front seat of their car. Luckily there were no complications, but not having some maternity services at Yass is placing mothers and babies at risk.

Pauline Bruce, Lyndhurst

Hard to maintain

While I fully support antenatal care and postpartum care close to home, I have concerns about smaller sites being "re-opened for birthing".

A 40-minute drive to Canberra is less than most women in a city would drive to a birthing facility. It is difficult to staff smaller units (especially backfilling sick leave), and difficult to maintain practitioner skills for the occasions where "things go wrong".

Fatigue comes into play: babies don't arrive during 9-to-5 hours. I would much prefer to see resources put into supporting women's home care before and after delivery.

Leigh Grant, Rockhampton

Classic must keep going

Classic Yass must be kept going. It's a great local event: there must be people about Yass willing to get involved and form part of the new committee to keep it going.

Gordon Allen, Yass

The worst bit of news

Yass Classic is by far the best orgainsed car show in NSW and the YAMC should be given as much help as possible by the council and other community groups to ensure Classic Yass continues.

The money that it brings into Yass for those two days must be astronomical. I've attended the show with different cars for 12 years, and missed two (one for a breakdown on the way and the other due to family commitments). This is just the worst bit of news.

Russell Denning, Cowra

Classic Yass cancelled

While it saddens me that Claasic Yass is no more, I do understand where the organisers are coming from.

Having been in car clubs that have organised shows of this size, I can tell you there is a lot of work involved.

It is best done by a select few members from a number of different clubs.

James Forge, Karabar

Heartless decision

Abolishing free trips to essential health etc services to Canberra etc: I am very concerned with the latest council decision to cancel financing these services.

There may need to be a more efficient way to operate this service, but to just cancel it is heartless. Looking forward to a reversal of this decision.

John Pratten, Yass

We the residents care

I am absolutely disgusted, yet again, with the Yass Valley Council over this low blow in withdrawing much-needed services from our community.

I agree totally with the sentiments expressed by Wayne Stuart. How dare these councillors make such decisions without consulting the people affected by them. Our playground equipment ends up at the tip: children don't vote, so who cares? The people needing the services being withdrawn obviously don't matter: once again, 'who cares'?

Well, let the Yass Valley Council be put on notice. We the residents of the Yass Valley care and a reminder that what goes around comes around might be worth remembering.

Margaret Wylie, Manton

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