Commander's Desk | The Hume Police District: Protect your home from theft

The Hume Police District is calling on the community to be vigilant over the holiday period.

There have been recent increases in incidents of break and enter offences on residential properties across the district over the past few months.

The lead up to Christmas is also a time, in recent years, where police have seen a spike in stealing offences around residential areas.

The Hume Police District

The Hume Police District

Recent information has been received that persons committing break and enter offences are turning the water off at the mains at the front of the house as a tool to determine if any one is at the home.

Police are asking residents to be aware of any unusual activity around their neighbourhoods and report any suspicious activity immediately.

Police are also aware of criminals using the internet or social media sites to sell stolen property. The Hume PD has tasked police with checking these websites to identify stolen property. People in possession of stolen property can be charged with serious criminal offences that carry sentences of up to 15 years imprisonment.

With the increase of private CCTV being used across the community, clear recordable footage has proven to be an effective deterrent against crime as well as assisting police identify offenders. Police are also asking residents to consider the following tips to assist in preventing your place being a target:

  • Ensure all perimeter fences are in good order and that gates are kept closed and locked to restrict unauthorised access to your property;
  • CCTV cameras, if available, are in good working order;
  • Trim trees and shrubs from around doors and windows so as not to provide concealment to intruders and increase visibility to and from the street;
  • The power board to your home should be housed within a metal cabinet secured with an electricity authority lock to restrict tampering;
  • All perimeter doors to your home should be of solid construction and fitted with quality dead lock sets to restrict unauthorised access to the home;
  • All perimeter windows should be secured with key operated locks to restrict unauthorised access;
  • Record descriptions, models and serial numbers of all your valuables to assist in easy identification should they be reported lost or stolen;
  • Engrave your driver's licence number prefixed by the initials "NSW" on all items of value again to assist in easy identification;
  • Photograph jewellery and other collectables for easy identification; and
  • Garages should be locked to restrict access. Roller tilt and panel lift doors can be secured with additional lock sets in the form of hasp and staple or padlocks.
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