Local Leaders | Southern Tablelands Arts: Art and science connect for project

Welcome to 2020!

While we hope everyone has had a restful and happy break, Southern Tablelands Arts is gearing up for another big year of projects, events and professional development throughout our region.

In December last year we received notification that our application to Inspiring Australia for the Southern Tablelands Science Hub was successful!

The Southern Tablelands Science Hub aims to present five activities per year in the Southern Tablelands.

This year we have developed the family oriented Threatened Species Film Festival, which will encourage audiences to think about their local environments and will see local community groups able to reach out to community members and talk about their own science programs.

The films will also be made available online to schools and other community groups for education purposes.

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As many people will know, Susan Conroy will be finishing up as executive director of Southern Tablelands Arts at the end of February, but she still has some time before she takes her leave!

Executive director Susan Conroy will be leaving in February.

Executive director Susan Conroy will be leaving in February.

Just a reminder that the Southern Tablelands Arts office will be closed until Tuesday, January 21.

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