An upgraded Coronation Park playground opens to public

For mum of three Anastasia Morris, the new Coronation Park playground that unofficially opened to the public in mid-December is already a hit and an important part of her children's day.

"My children love everything here," Mrs Morris said. "My little one can play on the ground while my elder daughter can play on the swings.

"As they grow older, there are challenges for them and other fun things to do, too. It's nice to have an open space where they can go and play. They love all of it."

A Yass resident, Mrs Morris said her children loved the popular 'miracle slide', which was removed from the park last year after it was found to be non-compliant for safety.

"They liked the miracle slide," she said of the play equipment that was closed in October. "But the girls like the new slide installed in the playground as well."

The Coronation Park playground was officially opened on February 19 by Yass Valley mayor Rowena Abbey and Goulburn MP Wendy Tuckerman.

"Before Christmas, the usage level and the number of people in this playground here has been amazing," Cr Abbey said.

Mrs Tuckerman said she was "passionate about making sure we have the right community spaces for people. Congratulations, council for recognising the importance of having those spaces. I hope it's a space that can be enjoyed for many years to come."

The council had matched a government grant of $130,000 for the new playground.

The iconic miracle slide was replaced with the 'Lofty Castle Skytower' by Moduplay.

A miracle slide into sculpture

Yass High students will soon turn one of their favourite childhood memories into a permanent public artwork.

The popular 'miracle slide' removed from Coronation Park last year will be turned into a sculpture.

"The next task for the Year 12 class is a collaborative one," said Yass High principal Linda Langton.

The slide was delivered to Yass High late last year after it was found to be non-compliant during an independent parks audit.

It had been donated by Yass Apex Club more than three decades ago.

A large climbing frame with enclosed slides has replaced it.