Over $6.3m funding to boost local economy, improve local roads

Over $6.3m funding to boost local economy, improve local roads

Yass Valley Council has accepted more than $6.3 million in funding provided by the NSW and Australian Governments to improve local roads, accelerate community projects and support local jobs.

The NSW Government made a $500 million commitment to improve council roads across rural and regional NSW under the Fixing Local Roads Program in late 2019.

The Australian Government then announced an additional $191 million for the program at a press conference held in Yass on June 29, 2020.

The Fixing Local Roads Program is specifically aimed at providing funding to councils to repair, maintain and seal local roads.

Council was successful in securing round one funding of $2,395,000 to reseal 56km of Council's local road network and $3,145,000 to rehabilitate 8km of road. The total cost of the program will be $6,340,000 of which Council will contribute $800,000 from the Development Contribution Reserve.

Acting Director of Infrastructure & Assets, Steven Beasley said council submitted two funding applications under the Fixing Local Roads Program for shovel ready work that could be completed over the next two years.

"The two applications were prepared using council's asset management system, which produces a program of work that assists in optimising the sealed road network. An audit of the roads will occur to determine a number of variables before any work is undertaken," Mr Beasley said.

At the ordinary meeting on Wednesday, July 22, council also accepted funding of $857,227 provided by the Australian Government under the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program. This program aims to assist community led recovery from COVID-19 by supporting local jobs, firms and procurement.

Council will, where possible, use local businesses and workforces to deliver the projects under the program to ensure stimulus funds flow directly into the Yass Valley.

Mr Beasley said council staff reviewed a list of potential work that could be completed by 30 June 2021, which will deliver benefits to the community and could be readily completed by local businesses.

Councillors reviewed, discussed and accepted the list, which has now been put forward to the Australian Government for approval to ensure Council can achieve the tight timeframes to procure and deliver the projects.

It proposes LED upgrades to council's street lighting infrastructure, construction of shared paths in Yass, Binalong and Sutton, the replacement of BBQs at Coronation/Riverbank Parks and play equipment in Binalong, and weed spraying throughout the Local Government Area.

"Council is pleased to accept these funding grants from the NSW and Australian Governments. The funding allocations will assist council to support local businesses, create local jobs and improve our upgrades to local facilities," Yass Valley Mayor Rowena Abbey said.

"This is a significant amount of money for a number of projects that will help make a big difference to our local community."

Here is a breakdown of the funding:

Fixing Local Roads Grant Program

Application One: Resealing 56km of local roads

Total cost - $2,745,000

Grant funding - $2,395,000

Council contribution - $350,000

Application Two: Rehabilitation of 8kms of sealed roads

Total cost - $3,595,000

Grant funding - $3,145,000

Council contribution - $450,000

For details of the roads proposed please see the Agenda for the Ordinary Meeting of Council on Wednesday, July 22 on council's website https://www.yassvalley.nsw.gov.au/our-council/council-meetings/agendas-and-minutes/

Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program

  • LED Upgrade of Council's Street Lighting - $472,341.
  • Construction of a shared path between Nash Place to Yass Valley Way then to Grand Junction Road - 130m - $35,000.
  • Construction of a shared path in Dutton Street, Yass between Rossi Street to Riverbank Park - 200m- $55,000.
  • Construction of a shared path in Victoria Street, Sutton from Sutton Public School to Bywong Street - 136m - $45,000.
  • Construction of a shared path in Victoria Street, Sutton from Bywong Street to Recreation Grounds - 162m - $50,000.
  • Construction of a shared path in Queen Street, Binalong from Fitzroy Street to Richmond Street, including ramps and refuge - 130m - $40,000.
  • Upgrade of BBQ equipment Coronation and Riverbank Parks - $20,000.
  • Playground Equipment replacement - Binalong - $60,000.
  • Roadside weed management program - $79,886.

Council also resolved that the savings from the LED upgrade of street lighting be placed in an appropriate reserve for the provision of future community facilities.