Dying with Dignity supporters in Yass are hosting a community stall

Dying with Dignity supporters in Yass are hosting a community stall

Dying with Dignity supporters will inform locals about the voluntary assisted dying (VAD) Bill that will be debated in NSW Parliament this year on Saturday.

Long-time member of Dying with Dignity, Sally Curlewis will hold a stall on Saturday, June 12 in Comur Street in front of the Yass Newsagency and will be gathering signatures for a petition.

Sally is determined to see successful passage of a VAD Bill having experienced the traumatic death of both her parents.

Klara Cheasley, another local Goulburn supporter watched her husband die in horrific conditions.

"He was constantly agitated as the doctor would not put him into a morphine assisted coma. I had to watch him starve to death over five weeks before he died from secondary prostate cancer, with cancer in his bones and excruciating pain at times," she said.

"He knew he was dying and didn't want to be resuscitated. He was at home for the first three weeks and then had to go to hospital as I couldn't manage him at home anymore as he was always agitated. I do not want to put my family through any of this when my time comes."

Klara's daughter also passed away of an illness at aged 28, fortunately she died in more peaceful circumstances and was fully sedated.

Dying with dignity, and their supporters, are advocating for VAD to be available only to those with terminal illness and whose suffering is intolerable and cannot be relieved by medical intervention.

According to Dying with Dignity president, Penny Hackett, the community overwhelmingly wants voluntary assisted dying laws passed in NSW in this term of parliament.

"Laws are in place in Victoria, about to come into effect in Western Australia, have just passed in Tasmania and are on the way in South Australia and Queensland. The question is - why not NSW?," asks Ms Hackett.

"It's time to get this done once and for all. We are asking supportive members of NSW Parliament to work collaboratively on this Bill so it receives cross-party support to become law.

"We are already seeing incredible momentum in the grassroots support for voluntary assisted dying laws in NSW. We have more than 50,000 signatures on our petition and that figure is rapidly growing."

She feels that the longer it takes for voluntary assisted dying law reform to take place in NSW, the more people will be forced to suffer bad deaths or take matters into their own hands, creating unnecessary trauma for all involved.