Commander's Desk | The Hume Police District: Police committed to responding to all reports of domestic and family violence

Domestic and family violence is a crime that takes many forms.

It extends beyond physical violence and can include, emotional and psychological abuse, intimidation, harassment, stalking, animal abuse targeting pets, financial deprivation and social isolation and damaging personal or joint property.

Police are concerned incidents of domestic violence are underreported of crimes because the perpetrator knows the victim intimately through a long-term, close or developing relationship.

The perpetrator relies on developing, during the early stages, a strong bond through friendship, love, trust and loyalty to create a high degree of co-dependence.

The more times a perpetrator commits the crime, the greater the likelihood the affected partner becomes vulnerable to further abuse and violence. This can frequently result in the affected person developing feelings of fear, guilt, anxiety, low self-esteem, isolation and feeling 'trapped' in the relationship. This often results in a 'cycle of violence'.

Children living in a relationship with abusive behaviour are considered to be at risk of harm, either directly by being abused or indirectly by witnessing the abuse of the parent or carer.

Domestic and family violence can occur in all sectors of the community and in traditional and non-traditional settings.

The NSW Police Force is committed to using all lawful means to police domestic and family violence. This includes wherever possible, removing offenders from the victim, taking out an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) on behalf of victims and any children living or spending time with the victim (whether they are by consent or not), investigating breaches of ADVOs, and developing solutions to managing repeat offenders.

Police from the Hume Police District will respond to all reports of domestic and family violence and pursue the perpetrators to hold them accountable for their criminal behaviour under NSW law.

Anyone with information regarding domestic violence is urged to report incidences to their local police station.

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