Help restore this VT Commodore SS that was attached to Yass Highway Patrol

The 1999 model VT Commodore SS was attached to Yass Highway Patrol. Photo: Supplied.
The 1999 model VT Commodore SS was attached to Yass Highway Patrol. Photo: Supplied.

Sergeant Scott Murphy is looking for the last pieces of the puzzle that will help him restore a 1999 car.

He has always had an interest in restoring cars and this time, he needs your help in restoring a former Highway Patrol (HWP) vehicle.

As a junior HWP constable, Sergeant Murphy drove a 1999 model VT Commodore SS and recently purchased one that was originally attached to Yass Highway Patrol (HWP).

"I have removed a number of aftermarket modifications since purchasing it and restored it as closely as possible to its original mechanical specifications," Sgt Murphy said.

"Any pictures of the car, which was in service from late 1999 to early 2000 and the registration is WEF-746, will assist in the recreation of the exact decals and any equipment used at the time of service. There must be markings on the vehicles that make it unique and I am looking to replicate that."

"Unfortunately, to date, no current or former officers have been able to locate any pictures from that time."

The HWP car was involved in a pursuit on New Year's eve in 1999-2000 in which the police located drugs on their way from Victoria to Sydney for NYE celebrations.

Presently, Sgt Murphy has restored the car with a KR10SP radar in the original position and police radio and aerial mounted in the hole located on the roof like it was in the original condition. A UHF and AM CB radio that was used to communicate with truck drivers on the Hume Hwy have been placed in the car.

"I have had a fully operational roof light bar restored in the configuration used by HWP vehicles at that time. I was able to decipher these details using screw holes and modifications located within the cabin," he added.

A Sergeant of Police attached to the Traffic and Highway Patrol in Macarthur Cluster, he inherited the hobby from his father who was also NSWPF Seargent and former HWP officer.

"I have become particularly interested in restoring former HWP vehicles within the last two years. Immersing myself in restoring cars, particularly former Highway patrol vehicles, helps me recall my younger years in the NSWPF," he added.

He has restored another old police vehicle recently which was a Ford AU XR8 in Lakes Entrance Victoria in mid-2019 that was formerly attached to Lake Illawarra HWP in 1998/99 and served as LI212.

"The Ford AU XR8 has all of its original equipment that is operational and could almost be transported back to 1998 and be fully operational," he said.

A licence is required from NSW Police to recreate the markings and use the vehicle. Rules need to be followed when in possession of such a vehicle and if found misusing them, one can be brought before the court for impersonating a police officer or breach of copyright.