Rowena Abbey urges community to get vaccinated

Yass Valley Mayor Rowena Abbey
Yass Valley Mayor Rowena Abbey

Yass Valley Mayor Rowena Abbey took to social media on Friday urging the locals to get vaccinated and keeping the community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cr Abbey appealed to the members of the community after hearing about stories of Yass Valley residents travelling to Sydney and vice versa.

"I'm proud to say I've had my first AstraZeneca Vaccine, but I didn't get it straight away because I felt really safe in the Yass Valley," her Facebook post reads.

"We've been lucky to experience 18 months without any COVID-19 cases, but what's happening in Sydney is closer than we think."

On Friday, NSW added 170 cases with at least 42 infectious in the community and protesters are being urged to reconsider any planned demonstrations on the weekend.

Ms Berejiklian said anyone considering protesting in Sydney or elsewhere at the weekend should reconsider what it could mean for their family members if they transmitted the virus to them.

In the video, Cr Abbey further said that "there are stories of some people going to Sydney and coming back and then there are other stories about people coming from Sydney and looking at other places as a way to escape from Sydney."

She adds that it increases the risk of bringing COVID-19 Delta strain into the community and encourages everyone to get their vaccinations as a way to keep themselves and the community safe.

"There are plenty of vaccines available in Yass Valley and I urge you all to go out and get vaccinated to make us all safe in the long run," Cr Abbey said.

If there are any concerns about getting vaccinated, she encourages them to contact their GP.