A smile on the air waves

Yass FM presenter John Goode has a passion for all things music, although confesses he has no musical talent of his own.

“As long as there’s a record, I can play it,” he laughed.

“I first started when I was a kid. My grandparents had the old wind-up gramophone.”

He was transfixed by the records spinning around and the music floating from the machine.

When he was young John would save his money from gardening jobs and race out to buy a record.

That record collection grew considerably over the years, along with his love for music.

The Yass-born music fan was searching for something to do after he retired from a lifetime career as a baker, when Yassfm was in its infancy.

He decided he would give presenting a go.

“When I first started… I was very shy with a microphone and very nervous. But now it’s dangerous putting a microphone to my face.”

Through his cheery and upbeat shows, John has picked up dozens of regular listeners. Many will call in and make requests or chat on air during talkback sessions.

His infectious happiness in person is evident in his shows and flows across the airways.

“I like to be happy… that’s what makes me stand out from the crowd,” John said. “It costs nothing to say g’day to everybody.”

John plays a selection of music styles but said country music, in particular Irish artists, would be the first thing he would play.

He was influenced by Australian singers Shorty Ranger and Dusty Rankin.

“They had a big influence on my early music… and Ken Robertson. He wrote some beautiful songs over the years.”

John lines up interviews with artists from around Australia and across the world, with notable chats with Foster and Allan, Louise Morrissey and other international artists.

Through the station, the presenter has also arranged a number of concerts for Yass.

“I’ve got Gerry Ford coming to Yass to do a concert next month… and Craig Giles next year.”

But it’s not just the big names John is head-hunting.

“I’m trying to find local talent and interview them.”

He wanted to encourage Yass musicians to bring an instrument into the studio and share their talent with the community.

And he was hoping to uncover some young talent too.

John’s daughter Kirstin is involved as a presenter.

“They can bring their own music collection and style… We’ve had youth up there that have gone onto commercial radio.”

John is on air Tuesday afternoons from 12pm until 3pm and on Sundays from 6am to 10am.

Even John Goode's characteristic smile can be heard over the airwaves on Yassfm 100.3.

Even John Goode's characteristic smile can be heard over the airwaves on Yassfm 100.3.


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