Nationals in Hume

Dear Editor,

I have now read 2 letters from upset National Party Chairmen in the Hume electorate about their party abandoning them to the Liberals. I have also read a number of replies from the Liberal Candidate, Angus Taylor assuring them that he is more National than Liberal and he will look out for their interests if elected. I wonder however, as a new face in Parliament and already touted as a future Prime Minister, how much stirring and cage rattling he would be willing to do. I think it more likely he will be voting along party lines and keeping his nose clean for a future tilt at the Leadership. As a member of Katter's Australian Party and a resident of Hume I would suggest that the National Party Members of Hume might be interested in having a look at the Core Values and Principals of my Party as they may find that they could be better served looking there for help than a party that traded them off for a cash bonus and a number of uncontested seats. I'd suggest they might be interested in the Coal Seam Gas policy and a couple of others to do with farming and free trade. With Liberals recently elected in both NSW and Qld, we have seen their Slash, Sell and Burn approach to running things and anyone who believes it would be different from a Federal Government may wake up in a few months time bankrupt. We've been told by both the Labour and Liberal parties for some time now that Privatisation and free trade agreements are the way to go and we will be better off. As an economist, Angus Taylor would probably tell you the same. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd be interested in hearing from anyone whose power bill went down after it was sold off and any Dairy Farmer who is now raking in the big bucks after their industry was deregulated. I hear that wheat is next. I wonder how many wheat farmers believe they are about to hit the jackpot. Bruce Nicholson Proud KAP Member