Looking to a bright future

“It has been a good experience seeing it from another person’s eyes,” work experience student Molly Hammond said.

Blake Danilczak and Molly are both very smart and brave students.

Both of them wanted to see what it was like being on the ‘other side’ and so they tested out the life of a teacher.

Work experience is one of those things students have to do nowadays.

As a work experience kid, I know what it feels like to be in work experience and so I went out interviewing other students on how they were viewing their new side of life.

So far it is mostly bad news. Six working hours, small breaks, tough mental and physical challenges and the only good, free drink is coffee.

If you don’t account for all of that then it probably is one of the best experiences of their life.

They have both learnt and improved skills that were lost long ago.

They both have had experiences that they would have never had if it wasn’t for work experience.

It isn’t scary, it is fun and they learn new methods in which to teach different students.

Though it is unlikely that either one of them are going into teaching, they still liked the experience.

Having my work experience at the Tribune is different.

I had never worked in an office situation until I first started work experience.

I now know many skills that I previously didn’t know and am enticed by the media more than ever.

I have viewed what it is like to be part of the creation of a newspaper and I love it.

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