Rain consumes Binalong

The old nursery rhyme "rain, rain go away, come again another day" is only half right. It certainly comes back another day, but it doesn’t seem to go away. Most people would not have imagined that we would ever be whinging about the rain but many of us are. Fortunately we are only wet, not flooded.

Of course the rain spoiled the hopes of many for a sporting weekend or anything else outdoors but I suppose it was a good opportunity to curl up with a good book or play computer games if that way inclined.

I tried to play quoits - but the dog won.

I tormented him by putting one ring around his neck and the clever little sod had it off in about half a minute. Did someone say dogs are not smart?  


A few of the keen local golfers took part in the Scramble at Harden in what I imagine would have been most unpleasant conditions.

In fact, I just found out that Sunday's game was cancelled (after some had completed their round) and the results decided on Saturday's scores. No locals featured in the winner's list though, Simon Glover and Michael Paterson had a very good score.

The event started years ago with about 28 players and this weekend about 200 were involved. Binalong club is attempting to get something similar going with the Binalong Sand Green Challenge to be played for the first time next Saturday and Sunday.

There will be Stableford rounds for both men and the ladies each day as well, as novelties like long drives and nearest the pins. Phone Jason 0402559419 if you would like to be involved by Wednesday and then start praying for a dry weekend.

Mick Dal Santo (Mick the butcher) had organised a team of bowlers to go to Quandialla on Sunday, but after his hard work cajoling players to go, it was cancelled. The ladies were more fortunate, finding the only reasonable time to play, they took part in the Young President's Day last Thursday.

Pat Allen, Robyn Dyball and Wendy Hawley may have preferred to stay at home. About 25 mils were recorded over the weekend.


The school soccer team, accompanied by two teachers were off to Sydney  this week to compete in the Small Schools Soccer Knockout finals. All the other kids were expected to attend school as usual.

Term three's final assembly was held on Monday afternoon. They also had a video conference with author Morris Glietzman. How things have changed! This was to help them to understand about authors and illustrators and to improve their own writing.

The youngsters involved in ‘operation art’ are to be congratulated for their efforts. Thomasina  won the Artbank Award, Ivy received the Advocate for Children and Young People Award and Ben and Jack  shared the Pawpick Award.

Ivy and Thomasina's works will be in the travelling exhibition in 2017 and will then be donated to the collection at the Westmead Children's Hospital. Great work kids.

Rain and the forecast for more of the same resulted in the postponement of the Arabin Cup until next term on a date to be decided.

Star winners last week were Ivy Saunders, Maliyah Kruger and Tom Ings.

I guess "no news is good news" so.

Until next time.

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