Schultz reponds

I refer to your editorial of November 21 that claims that the people of Hume are being railroaded into voting for Angus Taylor.

You accept that he is personable and intelligent, and that he has been working hard in the electorate and “willing to put in the time and miles”. Then you go on to say that voters do not want to be locked in or taken for granted. You then outrageously claim conservative voters are being “railroaded into voting” for Angus Taylor.

Angus Taylor is hardly taking the electorate for granted! Your accusation might have some basis if he was sitting back, doing nothing and not getting out there. But he’s doing the opposite. He hasn’t stopped working in communities all around Hume since he was preselected. Why? Because he does not take his election for granted.

The reason the Nationals decided not to run against Angus is they knew they could not find a candidate who could even come close to him. They dropped out of the race because he has a better understanding of regional people and regional economies than any person currently sitting in the federal Parliament. The voters of Hume are already coming to appreciate this young man’s very special and unique qualities. There is a growing groundswell of people who are excited and energised by the fact that a young man of his calibre has put his hand up for office. That’s a far cry from being railroaded.

In relation to your insulting comments about me may I respectfully advise you that in the 25 years I have represented my fellow country Australian’s at state and federal level I have seen editors come and go.

In the case of the Yass Tribune I have had the pleasure in the past to associate with editors who have carried out their editorial roles with professionalism and impartiality. One who comes to mind, Reg Wood, was the epitome of what a rural based editor should be. It was reflected in the way in which he was respected in the Yass district and beyond.

It may be in your interests to reflect on what made Reg a fair and popular editor.

In the meantime my confidence in the ability of constituents in Hume to sensibly appraise the unique quality of a candidate like Angus Taylor has not diminished.

Disenfranchised, railroaded, locked in, taken for granted; just words, editor, which are not resonating with sensible thinking people.

Current Hume member, Alby Schultz responds.

Current Hume member, Alby Schultz responds.