Travel claim money could be better spent

I refer to an article in the Tribune on Wednesday November 21, regarding an expense claim Yass Valley councillor submitted related to travel.

Gone are the days where individuals had to physically be located in a meeting room together.

I regularly attend meetings with colleagues, who are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Korea, the United States, and the list goes on.

There are plenty of ways for you to have your voice heard at the local council meeting without stinging ratepayers $744 per month for you to drive back from wherever you are. One simple solution would be to have a telephone on loud speaker in the council meeting. There are also several ways for you to interact via your computer and mobile phone, such as video chat.

I understand the $744 is to cover fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle but, let's be honest, that's a hell of a lot of wear and tear and if you received that money you would be well ahead.

I commend all the councillors that voted against your claim.

The townships of Yass and Murrumbateman have a long way to go. Water quality, footpaths, gutters, roads - the list goes on. Every single $744 that council can save to go towards these things the better. You think that $744 may be small bikkies, however over 12 months that is almost $9000.

I think the people of Yass may prefer a bus shelter for the school kids or some road maintenance on the corner of Orion Street and Cooks Hill Road.

The Tribune welcomes letters to the editor.

The Tribune welcomes letters to the editor.


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