Letting rip over Burrinjuck Road

I write with extreme concern for the condition of the Burrinjuck Road leading to Burrinjuck Recreation Park and dam.

I have spoken to Yass Valley mayor Rowena Abbey, written a letter of my concerns (with no response in writing), rang the councillor Garry Ware (who did not reply to my phone call) and I am still not satisfied with the mayor’s response.

Several risk assessments have been done on the road with an outcome that the road is extremely dangerous and life threatening and that the risks should be addressed straight away. The road has been neglected by the council and now become overgrown to the point where vision in most spots is impossible. This road is used by the public to access the recreation park, by residents of Burrinjuck Dam and by contractors doing ongoing maintenance on the dam.

I would like the council to explain:

1)  What it has done with the money that each year would have been allocated to the up-keep of the road. Annual spraying of the grass does not unblock the vision of the road or address the extreme risks.

2) Residents of Yass LGA would not be allowed to have their yard become as overgrown or hazardous as Burrinjuck Road. Why is the council allowed to use the excuse that they have no money? The residents can’t use this excuse. We have to abide by the council rules, why doesn’t the council?

3) If there was a bushfire in this area what is the procedure, when the road is so overgrown that staying in the car would be suicidal?

4) Three young children take the school bus and can’t drive to the conditions of the road, they rely on others to just know the bus is coming.

The mayor told me how hard she works and does extra hours. Well this is her paid job. I will get this road maintained and I’ve started pruning some shrubs for my own safety and I’m doing all this for free. Why do I have to do the council’s job for free?

If you feel the same way please email me on: gailuff@idl.net.au and I’ll add you to a list to forward to the council.

The tribune welcomes letters to the editor.

The tribune welcomes letters to the editor.


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