Katrina responds to 'vicious' attack

Dear Editor,

I wish to respond to the negative and hurtful imputations made on my character by Iain Fyfe of the Burrinjuck Greens in his recent Tribune column, Carbon tax not to blame, on December 12.

Mr Fyfe implies that my opposition to a carbon tax means I will also oppose both child immunisation and flashing lights in school zones and I therefore have a lack of concern about the safety and future of my children and those of every other child in the Burrinjuck electorate. Would it be possible to make a more vicious and cowardly imputation than this.

I have a strong track record on advocating child safety. It was through my vigorous and outspoken representations as shadow minister from child safety that the former Labor government was forced into a Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection in NSW, conducted by Justice James Wood, AOQC, and resulting in 128 recommendations to government. I also have a strong record on both immunisation and school crossings. In fact not so long ago I sent a brochure strongly advocating child immunisation to every household in the electorate (with thanks to the generous assistance of Dr Owen and Sister Cally). I have also delivered on flashing lights as the grateful parents of children attending schools in several towns across the electorate have testified.

In contrast to my real and positive contribution to the electorate of Burrinjuck, Mr Fyfe and the Greens have made a vicious attack on my personal character. It’s a typical tactic of his party – ignore the facts, become highly emotive and irrational – and attack the messenger.

Mr Fyfe owes me an immediate and unconditional apology.