Holidays are awesome

The school holidays are great. You get to travel, see your family and hang out with your friends every day of the week. You can go to the movies, go shopping, go swimming, play board games, read books or even just sit around and do absolutely nothing.

So far these holidays I have been staying with my grandparents in Geelong and already I have been to the movies twice – to see ‘Rise of the Guardians’ and ‘Life of Pi’, completed at least two books, gone ice skating, knitted a scarf, played a dozen board games, gone to the beach about four times, seen a display of amazing sand sculptures, been to a carnival, finished a few puzzles, been to two different swimming pools, gone shopping and been on a massive ferris wheel!

 I’ve had a great time these holidays; the only thing now is to figure out what to do for the rest of the holidays. That’s the only annoying thing about school holidays: you wait and wait for them to arrive and the first few weeks are usually great, but after about three weeks or so you start to run out of things to do and by the time there’s only a couple of weeks left you’re bored out of your mind and can’t wait to get back to school.

But, that being said, I am glad that they are as long as they are because you do need that last week or two to get all your school supplies and get back into some sort of routine. Anyway, school holidays are great and that’s that.


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