Chris Delforce wants answers from RSPCA

Animal Rights activist and website designer of, Chris Delforce, originally published the Animal Liberation ACT and NSW video footage from inside Wally’s Piggery. 

Mr Delforce said the RSPCA must be held accountable “for what they have and have not done”.

“How can they blame their withdrawal of the charges against Wally Perenc on the refusal of the activists who obtained the footage to put themselves in danger, while at the same time acknowledging that the 53 charges of cruelty had nothing to do with that footage and were based solely on their own investigations?” He questioned.

“It’s very strange how they are saying that, they are two contradictory things, so that’s what we are trying to figure out.

"As far as I can remember, the people who took the footage were willing to put their name on it after much discussion with lawyers.

“The issue was that someone could have put their name forward and ended up with a trespass fine or jail time. So there was obviously a lot of risk involved in anyone putting their name forward. The advice we were getting at the time was that it was very unlikely to make a difference to the case." 

Mr Delforce said that he and other activists had gathered all the footage, analysed it and put it together. They sent it to the authorities around August 1, 2012, a day later, based on the footage, authorities undertook an investigation. 

The 53 charges of cruelty were based on evidence found in the RSPCA’s own investigations.

“So the RSPCA has blatantly lied about footage being given to the media first, when in fact the footage was not released publicly until after the RSPCA had conducted an investigation."

Mr Delforce said he believed the situation was “very suspicious”.

“When the inspectors were on their way to do the investigation, the RSPCA and other authorities said that Wally had actually been tipped off and was aware that an investigation was going to occur. Which meant he had time to prepare for the investigation.”

“Anyone who has information about any deals the RSPCA may have made with Wally outside of the courtroom are urged to come forward,” he continued.

Mr Delforce suggested that never has the notion of the RSPCA “being run by farmers for farmers” rung truer.

“There will be a rally held shortly in Sydney, Canberra or both; we will not let them - Wally or the RSPCA - get away with this.”

ITALICS: The Tribune attempted to contact the RSPCA for a comment and has received no response.