Bus fare backflip

To the delight of commuters, bus fares between Canberra to Yass have been reduced.

The new company responsible for the route, ComfortDelgro Cabcharge (CDC), took the prices down after negative feedback.

On August 6 fares were radically increased, making the economics of using the service questionable. A return trip from Yass to Canberra suddenly went up to $24.50 - an almost at 50 per cent increase on the previous fare.

The decision was heavily criticised by commuters and Transport for NSW demanded an explanation for the increase.

ComfortDelgro Cab Charge decided on Monday to return the fare prices to what they were before August 6.

“After fares on the Yass to Canberra commuter bus were increased, Transport for NSW required the operator to provide an explanation for the change,” a spokesman for Transport for NSW confirmed.

“Since then the operator has decided to return fares to the previous level.” 

Regular commuter Laurie Columb said the news was welcomed with open arms by bus users.

“Everyone is obviously very happy with the change,” she told the Tribune this week.

“Costs of living are going up everywhere and it’s good that the bus fares have dropped back down. Everyone’s really pleased.”

She said after the fares were increased, catching the bus cost hundreds of dollars each month.

“The price was up around $250 a fortnight and it was really affecting a lot of travellers.

“Now it is a lot less and people are definitely relieved.”

CDC claim they were simply notified by commuters and Transport for NSW that the increases were not being received well and that’s what led to the amendment.

“Following the acquisition of the Deanes/Transborder business on September 1, CDC was made aware of concerns raised by both customers and Transport for NSW about the scale of recent fare increases for the Yass – Canberra service,” CDC's Jim Glasson said in a statement.

“After a review, we agreed that the size of the increase was not reasonable, and a decision was made to revert to the old fares.”

The Tribune understands that the number of commuters had significantly dropped during the period of the fare increase.

A one-way trip from Yass to Canberra is now priced at $10.80. Travelling from Murrumbateman to Canberra on the bus costs $9 one way.

Commuter complaints led to fares being dropped on the commuter bus service to Canberra.

Commuter complaints led to fares being dropped on the commuter bus service to Canberra.