Yass Chiropractic welcomes new associate

WELCOME: New associate Dr Charlotte McClure (left) joins Dr Robyn Stephenson (centre) and Chiropractic Assistant Lauren Winzar (right).
WELCOME: New associate Dr Charlotte McClure (left) joins Dr Robyn Stephenson (centre) and Chiropractic Assistant Lauren Winzar (right).

Yass Chiropractic was first established in July 2008 by the practice’s owner and principal chiropractor Dr Robyn Stephenson. It moved to 8 Crago Street in October 2015 and is still going strong.

“Our primary purpose is to provide the people of Yass Valley with good Chiropractic care which I believe is an essential tool for a healthy life” says Dr Stephenson.

Dr Stephenson points out that there are many ailments that a good chiropractor can help with. 

“Patients come to us for all sorts of reasons, sometimes it’s after an injury or they might be having pain in their limbs or back.  

“Others may find chiropractic (care) helps them with conditions such as; sluggish digestion, heavy or painful periods, headaches or migraines, mood or sleep problems, bed wetting, feeding or behavioural problems in children.

“Athletes may find they recover more quickly and perform better with regular adjustments. Good Chiropractic health and maintaining spinal alignment can benefit everyone.”

There are two more people currently working at Yass Chiropractic with Dr Robyn Stephenson. One is their chiropractic assistant Lauren Winzar, and the other is the practice’s new associate Dr Charlotte McClure.

Dr McClure graduated from Macquarie University and has worked as a chiropractor in clinics throughout Canberra as well as running her own rural clinic in Braidwood, NSW.

Dr McClure has also worked with football, AFL, rugby union and league sports teams as a trainer in Sydney and continues to help athletes of all ages achieve on the field.

Additionally, Dr McClure is currently studying a Diploma in Paediatric Neurodevelopmental Chiropractic by distance through a private institution in Melbourne.

At a personal level, Dr Stephenson is currently looking forward to having her third child and will be leaving the practice in Charlotte’s and Lauren’s very capable hands for a few months from July to October.

To find out if chiropractic might be the right treatment for you, call 6226 5110, visit www.yasschiro.com.au, send an email to info@yasschiro.com.au, or simply drop by on a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.