Mayoral Minute: Warm welcome to Wuzhou friends

Yass Valley Council welcomed the Wuzhou Municipal People’s Government from China last week, where we signed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of a Friendship City Relationship.

This relationship is the first major step for Yass Valley to open up discussions with a foreign nation and will see positive impacts on our region from a tourism, trade and cultural understanding point of view. 

While preparing for last week’s visit, YVC officials met with the Australia China Business Council to properly understand how to welcome a formal Chinese delegation.

Rowena Abbey, Yass Valley Mayor.

Rowena Abbey, Yass Valley Mayor.

Interestingly, we were made aware of the international travel habits of the Chinese, which is to always visit a nation’s capital city.

With Yass Valley sitting within the Canberra region, this can only be a positive and an enormous opportunity for our tourism industry.

Australians are well-known for their international travel and this partnership will provide an even greater reason to explore the amazing cultural diversity of China and all that the country has to offer. 

Wuzhou is about 400 kilometres south-east of Hong Kong and has a population of 3.5 million people, which is considered small by Chinese standards.

With a proud history of agriculture, innovation and waterways it is the perfect fit as a Friendship City with Yass.

  • Mayor Abbey is the Yass Tribune’s ‘fifth Wednesday columnist’ of Local Leaders, so her next Mayoral Minute is set for November 29.