Local Leaders: NSW Nationals - Play the game and challenge the rules

Politics is a dirty game. Anyone can tell you that. There are many negatives about it, personalities, and hotly debated issues. But there are many things people do not tell you about politics. All of those things are the positives.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to politics at a young age and have been a member of the National Party for two years. For me, politics is bigger than the personalities, bigger than the power struggles, bigger than the elite. It is about you and your family and your friends. It is about insuring we live in a safe and happy community.

Elizabeth Veasey.

Elizabeth Veasey.

That is the best thing about the Nationals. We care about the people of regional and rural NSW and we listen to every single one in the best way we can to ensure we are able to create happy and vibrant communities.

We don't always get it right. The past year has been a bit crazy on the policy front, but we are doing our best. We now have a fantastic leader in John Barilaro, who has ensured the NSW Nationals are on the right path.

Many people have asked me, Why politics? And for me, it was a simple answer: Why not? Why wouldn't you want to help your community and change people’s lives? Many people say politics can be a bit of a “saving face” rather than “saving lives” venture, but if we have great community minded people – like the youth of Yass Valley – then that can change.

Our youth come from various backgrounds with many different issues. It doesn't matter where you sit politically (fingers crossed for Nationals), but for our youth to be inspired and make a difference is all we can hope for.