Floriade helps grow dazzling dancers

Visitors to Floriade last weekend were given a special treat in the form of a Murrumbateman group known as the Dazzle Dance Academy. 

The Academy dancers, who will also perform this Saturday at the Murrumbateman Field Days, are experienced at dancing in front of big crowds, but were still excited to perform at a venue as well known as Floriade. 

Elle Morris, teacher and owner of Dazzle Dance Academy, said that the difficult part is fending off requests from students who have fallen in love with the thrill of performing. 

“It’s funny, once they get up and do it once, it seems to be addictive,” Ms Morris said. 

“You have them constantly asking ‘when’s the next one?’”

The dancers, some of whom are as young as five years old, can often be shy or scared to perform. 

But this reticence often disappears, according to Ms Morris, once they take the stage. 

Performances at events such as Floriade also help to acclimatise the kids to large crowds. 

“The students, I think, really adore performing,” Ms Morris said. 

“That’s why we’re sort of focusing on trying to provide more and more of those opportunities [in front of big crowds] for our students.” 

The Academy averages between four and six big events a year, according to Ms Morris. 

Although they require intensive preparation, the attitude that the students bring to class makes it a pleasure for their teacher. 

“They’re lovely … I don’t know what it is, whether it’s the country air or the families in the community, but the kids are very respectful,” Ms Morris said. 

“They’re a delight to work with … [some of] the most rewarding students I’ve ever taught.” 

The Dazzle Dance Academy was founded in 2011 by Tanja Robinson, before she passed the running of the school on to Ms Morris due to time constraints and family commitments. 


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