Weekly Burrinjuck report

Tim Mathieson with his monstrous 109cm Murray cod.
Tim Mathieson with his monstrous 109cm Murray cod.

Fishing and Lake Report: 06/12/2017

Current discharge: 457 ML per day.

Water level 06/12/17: 66.5%

Current inflow: 9519 ML per day.

Water level 29/11/17: 62 %

Water visibility: 1 metres

Forecast Weather: Weekend temps between 10 and 28 with no rain. Winds from the west up to 16kph. 

New Moon is on December 18. Full Moon is on January 2.

Water Temperature: 24 degrees celsius 

Murray Cod: The fisherman arrived in numbers last Thursday anticipating an early start on Friday morning.

I think most had looked at the foreboding weather forecast starting at 2 pm on Friday.

Many fishermen left Friday lunchtime without a big fish.

The Barometer plummeted by 15hPa on Friday as the big wet approached.

63mm in the gauge on Saturday morning followed by 33 mm on Sunday.

Tim Mathieson landed the first metre plus for the season at 109cm. 

Terry Blundell fishing in the same boat landed a respectable 95cm fish; the boys were casting new Bedlam soft plastics.

They also caught a couple of fish under 70 cm and had a heap of strikes.

Alas I remain coddles after trolling for four hours in the rain on Monday.

This weekend is looking much better after the rain has passed and the barometer creeps back up.

Yellow belly: Much the same as the cod. There were some fish being caught before the weather turned nasty.

They did shut down early in the week before firing up before the storms hit.

I would expect the fish will be active again for the weekend. The water has been rising.

There has been a discrepancy with the levels sent to us differing from those shown on the website, we could be at 70 percent.

The yellows could be shallower over the weekend with the rising water levels stirring things up. The waterfalls have also been running.

Redfin: Plenty being caught last week, a lot on the troll. The size of the fish is up this year.

Rainbow Trout: 3 fish on the catch sheet this week. They were caught on the troll not sure if they were targeting the fish by trolling trout style lures out in the deep.

Park News: The fire ban is now in place for the park until further notice usually March/ April.

We have added an air-conditioner to the loungeroom at the lodge. Good news if you have that one booked.

We also have some machinery in the park this week fixing up the drainage and road above the bridge and repairing the road below ensuite 49.

Upcoming Events:

The Australian Yellow Belly Champs March 17 and 18, 2018. Staged from the park. 

National Carp Control Plan Community Briefing Session.

Date: Monday December 18 2017

Time: 6pm – 8pm

Venue: Goulburn Soldier’s Club, 15 Market Street, Goulburn.

All welcome to attend.


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