Labor Lines | Federal politics a joke on all of us

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Peter who?”

“Scott Morrison!”

It’s not a bad joke, but ultimately, the biggest joke is on all of us.

I watched on in utter disbelief at the goings on in federal parliament over the past couple of weeks. The shameful display of unbridled ego and narcissism was shocking. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and cold it was when Tony Abbott and his band of conservative mates thought they had the minerals to turf out Turnbull. In what appears to the most amateur coup in Australian political history, those who undermined, sniped and agitated for Turnbull’s removal ended up being the biggest losers of all. How could they have got it so wrong?!

Anna Ritson

Anna Ritson

We have been told repeatedly that this coup was about ‘policy not personality’. The voters are not that silly and will find that hard to believe when the architect of the failed tax cuts for multinationals is now PM and the minister responsible for the failed NEG is now his deputy. 

And what does Morrision stand for exactly? We know that he voted over 20 times against a Banking Royal Commission and has spent years actively trying to protect the big banks from the kind of scrutiny only a royal commission can uncover. 

He has insisted that any proposal for a royal commissions was “nothing more than crass populism seeking to undermine confidence in the banking and financial system”. A pretty clear display of poor judgement and a statement most of the electorate would strongly disagree with him on. 

Morrison, our accidental PM (for now), has quite the task ahead of him. Voters are sick of this rubbish. They hated it when Labor did it and hate even more that the Coalition didn’t learn those lessons. I’m doubtful anything he does from this point can right the Coalition ship.

If he really is ‘on our side’ as he stated in his press conference just a few days ago, he should call the election and let the people decide who will govern them, not the factions of the Liberal Party.